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Originally Posted by scary_jerry View Post
JSPEED.......I can understand the crunch to get ready, that's why I said 'if you get a chance'. I thought it was a neat concept when I saw the equipment posted after the race in Peru for the winners......nice touch.

That new 325 GT body is looking good, when is the full reveal?

It would be super if someone can do a pit walk and post up the driver/car/motor.....just any front line set of eyes for us 'unfortunate' types would be appreciated.

And again, good luck to all the racers going to P.R.
I'm sure most of us will have more than enough photos to share. Jerry what we don't want to have is a manufacturer's battle on the forum and that's why no brands are marked as of yet. But the race results will include every little bit of information of what was used by everyone.
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