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Originally Posted by scary_jerry View Post
Good luck to all in P.R. ..........beautiful place...........

This looks like 'battle of the manufactures' now, not just Ofna vs. Kyosho. Good stuff.

Jeff, can you put car/motor after entry names if you get a chance? Thanks.
Sorry dude no time or desire to do that now, remember I'm working on creating another great GT race body until my flight.

Maybe after the race we'll do something like that, but the main thing to know about the Ipanema Sports GT World Championships are the racers who are dedicated enough to make this the great GT Only racing event it is.

All the brands are allowed to be used, even the ones that try to keep our products from being used at their races, lol
We may need to change that if that dirtbag attitude continues once again this year, but for now we'll lead by example.

Thanks for the well wishes, we'll try to post a lot of pictures and race info.

All the best!
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