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Originally Posted by hanulec View Post
wider front hexes is a good suggestion.

unfortunately no Nats for me. i'm trying to rationalize my vacation time right now -- and i just realized i need to be French, or work for a French company

if i push it really hard in the sweeper i just send the car into are barrel roll. i broke a rear arm backing the car into the sweeper pipe
These cars have a bad habit of traction rolling on carpet. How much traction compound are you using? They are also very sensitive to the amount of compound? Use no more than the inside half of the front tire. Any more and it will roll over.

We have a really nice sweeper at our track. It is a fine line between hitting it right or rolling through it into the wall. Try to bump the throttle right before the point where the car tries to roll. This will shift the weight onto and back off of the front to keep the tire from digging in.

Also how is it rolling? Does it just flip over or does it seem to pirouett on the outside front tire? Knowing this will help in fixing it.
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