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Originally Posted by dazed1 View Post
Which is what I thought about Norcal. Last time I went (about 2 weeks ago), there were 2 folks with minis. Thats when I fell in love with the CR.

Does Norcal have restrictions on esc/motor?
They are not too strict on the mini class from what I have heard. I think as long as you run a 17.5 motor and a non ramping ESC, it should be okay. I know that FPR is allowing other NR ESCs due to the Cirtix shortage, but the Cirtix motors are readily available so they insist that you run it. From what I hear, Speed Passion should be getting more in stock soon.

If you ever want to run minis, just post a roll call on and a few Norcal guys may dust off their minis and bring it to race day. I would honestly be out there more often if they had a more active F1 and mini class. Otherwise, I will be at the next FPR race running mini.
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