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Hey Guys

thanks for all the suggestions. To be more clear, I have a lot of problems with getting irritated with people that doing things that are against my beliefs or are doing things I would consider "stupid". I'm not the most proficient at letting things blow over and not taking it to heart.

For instance- I'm 19, and completely clean and sober. Being modern society, kids my age party and use drugs (Ive lost friends to crack and 10-times as many to weed. They are still alive (praise the lord) but lost touch with God and don't ever talk to me anymore.) So I have this huge resentment (that I want to get over) for drugs and alcohol.

Racing wise, I have issues with people who cheat and people who are just rude. And that is hard because there are the people who take it serious, and the people that are there to have serious fun. (Or just smile and forget they have to go to work the next morning. )

I'll come back and post more some day soon. I started a new diet plan today, I have a ton of energy and need to take a jog. Then evening church tonight . My new diet and diet/energy pills I started to get prepared for a new 40 hour a week job (thank God! employment!) have me all energized and excited and happy

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