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Originally Posted by justpoet View Post
As folks have stated throughout the thread, there are multiple kinds of anger.
Direction of anger/frustration is important to look at.

Am I angry because I'm competitive and I got outraced?
Am I angry because my car broke while I was coming around the final corner in first?
Am I angry because somebody t-boned my car, flipping it and breaking the shock tower?
Am I angry because a turn marshall stepped on my car?
Am I angry because it suddenly started to rain and flood the track?
Am I angry because I can't seem to drive around the course without flipping myself?
Am I angry because somebody won't stop talking smack?
Am I angry because I can't seem to stop swearing each time I mess up?
Am I angry because people are so rude to each other or are picking on somebody else?

All are anger and frustration, but not the same direction, or for the same reasons. As was mentioned, anger is somewhat of a sign that things aren't as they should be. It might be you, it might be others, it might be the situation.

Personally, I'm really competitive, so when I screw up or "get screwed" (such as said t-bone), I often find myself wanting to let out frustration. Sometimes it is a word, sometimes it is pounding the railing of the driver stand, etc... The best thing for me in such situations is to put it all in perspective and know that one of the reasons I'm there is to be an example. This helps remind me, and let me focus on what is important instead, and ask for help (I'm really forgetful though).

Sometimes, things can build up. It is these times that taking it out on a bag at the gym or any similar vigorous exercise are good. It allows you to work out the energy of the anger so you can think more clearly. The key is to not just work out the energy and think all is well, but to take time beyond that to see what is happening and deal with prayer, decisions, etc as appropriate, like forgive the guy that stepped on your car.

Of course, frustration and anger that nobody stands up for something that isn't right is just. In this case, you're being angered and frustrated because you should be. Try to use it as motivation to enact change (though in this case, not with a fist...sorry, couldn't help it). Then again, Jesus flipped all the tables in the temple.

Then there's the stuff you just can't do anything about, like it suddenly raining. It is frustrating for sure, especially if you have a ways to go to get to the track and it wasn't supposed to rain. In these situations it really is best to just try and make the best of it and enjoy time with the friends and people around you, or take the time to get some of them more deeply...maybe that's the real reason it rained, so you could build the relationship and God could come up. One never knows.

I'm over tired right now with a headache, so I hope some of that actually made sense, but pray about it and ask to be shown how God wants you to deal with it to glorify Him.
it makes me angry trying to read all of this.. might have to go punch a speed bag... frustrating
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