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Originally Posted by tinman79 View Post
I ran the kit set up. The car was not stable down the would drift left and right. I had very little on power steering and way too much off power. As I would slow down to set up a turn the car would hook. Once I got back on power coming out of a turn the car would push real bad.
I had good traction on the track, the rear end would only break loose if I really hammered it(which is how I like it).
I would check those caster blocks if they in the right way first and that they not cracked, second I would check the rear diff and make sure there is no binding, third make sure there is no binding on the dog bones when the suspension compresses, there have been a few post here where the guys were not running the offset blocks and had some binding issues

then check and make sure your droop screws are even by lifting the car and seeing if both wheels lift at the same time, front and back

how much toe in are you running in the rear ? straight 0 on front/rear and 0 offset rear/rear is std
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