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Originally Posted by COBRARACING View Post
two things i want you to do

1.change the servo (if you have one )

2.remove the cap from the receiver

3.run a reciever pack for your testing as a booster .

once you do that please post a simple report on your findings.

I have a feeling your servo is drawing way to much current as the savox is known to do that cause a small delay within the reciever which drops the bec voltage to levels were a glitch will be present and so do the ace servos as ive had another issue with someone else running a savox in 1s mode and he had the same issue .

please let me know

regards Angelo
hi Angelo,

Thanks for the suggestions.
I removed the servo no change, didn't plug another servo in as I didn't see the point when there was no change with no servo installed.

removed the power cap, no change. The cap was fitted as on a longer practice run 8 mins plus I was having shutdowns on the radio system.

I didn't have a receiver pack so what I did was to connect my LRP SXX V2 which has an inbuilt booster to the receiver minus the signal wire so it was in effect acting as a booster. No change either I'm afraid.

Thanks for your help.

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