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Originally Posted by tinman79 View Post
I had my TC6 out to the track a few weeks ago, and it was awful. Ive posted here, and Ive gone over the set up sheets on AEs website. I havent race a touring car in 9 years so all of the tuning adjustments have me a bit overwhelmed.
Im running VTA on med. bite indoor asphalt.
Ill be running a 21.5 with a FDR of 4.20 per track rules.
Even if someone jost points out which set up might work best for me, that would be a big help too.
I would really recommend the kit setup as a base starting point, I have recently build 6 x 6.1's for guys at my local track and 2 for myself to use in our national series here is SA, first off everyone has there own driving style and what they would like the car to do on the track, and with only a few small changes from kit setup I have got all of them well settled in the new cars

what is the problem you are having with the car ?
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