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Come on guys, stop the bitching. I for one have used an RS Pro for nearly 2 years now with no fault at all. Savox servo's are renound for dragging power, but I have used one in my touring car for over 1.5 years with no issue. then again I have heard of drivers who use HobbyWing, LRP all having that same issue due to power drag from the servo.

I personally have been sponsored in years gone by by Speedo manufacturers. What I see Randy diong every day isn't something I would see many other manufacturers doing to help those using their product. The fact being they noticed a glitch with brakes in the latest release and rather than coating over it they held up their hand and said they would get it sorted. that to me is EXCELLENT service from a manufacturer. they could have coated it and left this change for a later release, instead they are clearly pushing to get this sorted for the US guys and their nats championships coming up. this isn't just a 5 minute job to change.

Hardware can and will break at times, and this goes for ALL manufacturers. The guys suffering problems it is a shame, but rather than attack Randy get in touch with their support direct and organise sending the speedo off to them rather than sniping on here, it will get you nowhere fast and won't get your speedo working !

Keep the thread to being about setting up the speedo, help with setup and talk about the upgrade etc. It's been useful to me in setting up for different motors and tracks, but having to go through pages of whinging makes it difficult to find the info a racer needs.

Again, well done Randy for the hard work, and to Team Tekin. I will be sticking with you !
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