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Originally posted by V12
Im using the Square gearboxes since about one year now and I think these are some of the parts really worth the money.

- drivetrain is much more free
- bearings are better supported
- no more stripped threads
- looks really cool
- no shimming necessary. Every Square gearbox is the same unlike the plastic gearbox.
- much stiffer chassis. Im using the 2.5 mm chassis only and this is even stiffer than the 3mm chassis with the plastic gearboxes.

- wont help very much with the oneway gear problem
- a little expensive but really worth the money
- heavier. But you could remove the center brace with the screws and save a little weight again as the chassis is so stiff now so the brace isnt needed any longer.

hey v12.
hows the you got any carpet set ups for 415 with rubber tyres and one ways?
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