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Originally Posted by UrabusDenis View Post
Hmm, I though it would be something like that. I have an Ezrun 13T motor which doesn't produce any heat at all. However I wanted to run this car with brushed electronics I have left (start with Sports Tuned, then change to Orion 16x3... Vantage David Spashett edition 12T would probably be too much ) and these motors do generate quite a lot of heat. I guess I'll just order a aluminium rear pod. BTW stupid questions, can TC shocks be used?
Yes, a TC shock can be used instead of the plastic one, use a fairly light spring on it, I run a Tamiya Red 13lb spring on mine.

I ran an Ezrun 13T in mine, softened the motor mount and damaged the spur gear after the motor had moved, now run a 27T brushed motor in it. The Sport Tuned will be fine, for the 16T you will need a big track to run it.
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