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I do know about the era when Dez (may he RIP) was cleaning up in F1, both before and after the advent of the dreaded Corally.

We run 200mm, silver cans, no tyre additive, foam tyres, outdoor 1/10th electric tracks, which tend to be on the technical (twisty) side, traction is low, so speeds are not great.

The (re)growth in the class here has been fueled largely due to the cheap entry costs of the F109.

The same tyre compounds are available in Tamiya/3 Racing sizes. The rears are only slightly narrower than pro 10 wheels. That leaves the only real difference being pro ten wheels bigger diameter/thinner tyre compared with the smaller diameter Tamiya wheels, tyre diameters seem to be similar - within the wear range. Maybe the larger rolling resistance of the Corally size wheels coupled with the low power available, levels the playing field. My lap times with my F104W are within driver error of my Corally lap times ie. sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Anyway F1 is still my second favourite class, after bikes (bikes being the only thing I miss about UK and Aldershot). I also feel my nice replica paint/shells/Corally look more scale than abstract/one can painted cars. but that is another can of worms for another day.

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