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Originally Posted by Chaz955i View Post
I noticed quite a bit of axle wobble in the front of my M18. I pulled the front end apart and the bearings appear good. Just wondering if anyone is shimming out the bearings or axle and if so, how much of what shim you are using.

Hi Chuck,
Did you check to see if you had a flat tire? Just kidding. Never had to do any shimming in that area....that area should have just a slight amount of side to side play when everything is built correct. You could have a crack in one of the front suspension arms, upper or lower. Or maybe the tie rod ends are coming loose where they're attached to the knuckles. Also make sure the screw that connects the hex drive axles O/B half is tightened enough to the I/B half of the axle assy. That area should fit snugly with no slop and the axle assy should fit inside the two bearings snugly. Also, check to make sure the upper and lower screws that attach the suspension arms to the knuckles are snug enough. Check for excessive slop where the pivot balls are attached to the knuckles or where they fit inside the upper and lower arms. There is a flat shoulder on the pivot balls when snapped inside the suspension arms.......both flat shoulders must be facing toward the knuckles when the suspension arms are attached to the Knuckles. Also, make sure your wheel nut is securely fastened to hold the wheel to the axle assy. Or could it be the "nut behind the wheel". Hope this helps. If any of the above suggestions don't solve the may want to make an appointment with your eye doctor soon!! LMAO!!
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