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Originally Posted by UrabusDenis View Post
I need some advice. I can buy a used Tamiya F103RM in great condition, the only problem for me is that it is all plastic. I would drive the car occasionaly on the track because there is no F1 class in here. What aluminium parts (if any) are necessary for this car to perform?
It doesn't need any alloy parts, the plastic parts work just fine. The only part that is really recommended to be replaced is the motor mount if you are racing. The plastic mount needs the metal mounting plate in the kit to clamp the motor in place, and if the motor gets hot it can soften the plastic motor mount and cause the motor to move, which usually means a damaged spur gear as well and it's difficult to get the gear mesh right again. Of course if you aren't racing it and the motor isn't getting hot, then the plastic mount will be fine.

If you want to upgrade it you can buy a nice motor mount side alloy plate from Tamiya, 3Racing or Yeah Racing, but it is not much more to buy a complete alloy pod from 3Racing, Yeah Racing
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