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Originally Posted by Cautrell05 View Post
As for the hexes on a shortcourse it makes perfect sense to have them on the front. I just converted mine from the old AE front axles to hexes so I could run the wheels on the front or rear and it is nice. What I dont understand is the rush for 2wd buggys to have hexes on the front. the big thing I see is rotating weight. with the old style the axle is fixed and only half of the wheel bearing is rotating. With the hex style half of the bearing is spinning along with the axle(usually steel) the pin, hex and wheel nut. Im not sure if its enough to matter but I would think every little bit helps.

Seriously, it really isn't even enough to matter. If that little amount of "weight" was going to cause a handling problem or anything then absolutely none of us would add weight to our cars. Plus these are RC cars. These are not million dollar machines that are placed on a 7 post shaker every week to simulate a track. We don't go and dyno our shocks and all that.
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