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Originally Posted by NiMo View Post
Bad days approached as the Corally appeared, walked over everything, and drivers walked away.
Death of a class for many moons until a few got together last year, made a few rules (based around F103/F109), and OUTLAWED the Corally.
It might have been the track (8th scale outdoor), but there never was an issue for us running the Corally and F103 together. At club level the F103 was competitive, and at our nationals (with included some small indoor tracks) the Corally was very common, but one the main contenders for the title drove a F103.

The class did decline, along with the other pancars. Good tyres compounds became hard to get; people moved to TC, and so on. This year however a couple of veterans at our track came together and we decided to all go F1 again this season. Should be a mixed field with Corallies, F103s, F109s, some homebrew. Not sure if there will be F104s, as people seem to be avoiding those. We'll be running foams, always have.

The amount of dislike for the Corally here is.. impressive :P

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