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Originally Posted by all4fun View Post
Hi Chuck,
I run a JR - Z3650 servo....I know it's a little pricey $80-$90, but centeres everytime. It's not a drop in, but pretty close. I shoe glue mine in and cut off the ears. To me, spending a little xtra $$, $10-$20 more is worth it when the car handles consistant every time....... and now your more competative and having more fun "cuz it works!!" When you put in a good effort in making the car handle, suspension wise, it would be a shame that all along you were chasing the cars ill handleing because of the servo. Heck, I spend more that $20 when the wife and I go out for dinner. Something to think about. I'll have that "new chassis" for the way, very shortly. You're really going to like it. You will have a big smile on your face.
See ya soon,
Dave, I'm always smiling, especially when I get to race with you and Wayne. Good times always. Take care and see you soon.
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