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Originally Posted by imjonah View Post
There is a ton of information available in the old XXX-S threads and a couple newer ones started a year or two ago.

Since this car was popular and winning big races prior to the brushless and lipo transition, the one thing in short supply is advice and setups for XXX-S running brushless and lipo.
In particular what pinion spur combinations people have luck with for 13.5,17.5, 21.5 and 25.5.

One of the short comings of this ca,r compared to the 2 belt woven graphite X-Ray style chassis, was its weigh;. with Lipos this is less a handicap.

Like i stated, not really worried about setups, mine are verysmooth and perform flawlessly against 6.1's and t3r's all day... im running 17.5 in one, 13.5 in the other and lipos in both.

i was just seeing if anyone had any idea where to find aluminum upgrades.
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