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Re: Question(s) on the HPI Pro 4...

Is this a serious statement?????? Its not really a "simple design" and why buy one of the best chassis you can get to put a body on top of and make a shelf queen out of it? In which case why does it matter if you can or cant get anything better and why spend money on electronics for it??

Originally posted by J Smith
I am thinking about buying a Pro 4. I want to buy it for these reasons...

Great Overall Looking Design
Simple Design
Purple Parts!

If I buy one I am not going to run it at all. I just can't stand having a car that only runs 5 minutes. So if I buy one it'll be the car as a chassis and I'll get a body for it. I'll keep it for display or just for the love of having it. I really don't think you could make anything better than a Pro 4? I mean what else could you do to improve performence? Besides foam tires, better electronics ect.
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