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Originally Posted by robk View Post
Actually, the rules in the US tend to be driven by the Tamiya series, since there was no other outlet for F1 besides the TCS until UF1 cropped up, and that's only in southern California. Tamiya was trying to promote the narrow cars.
The difference we have is that Tamiya hasn't run a TCS series in the UK for some years, so we don't have anyone limiting their classes to the only cars they make. To be honest Tamiya F104 cars are a bit of a rarity over here, I would say at least 80% of F1s actually racing are F109s due to availability and price.

Then when they find the foams on the F109 work great, telling our racers they would then need to use rubber tyres that are not available in the UK and cost twice the price of the foams we use is never going to work. As far as I know the only rubber tyres available in the UK are Tamiya F104 kit tyres, so the rubber class is effectively dead before it even starts here.
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