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Originally Posted by Roy G View Post
Hey guys, Sorry I hadnt replied lately. I been doing a few club races and trying few set-up for the big event up in Porter next weekend.

I am really enjoying this buggy and still putting to its paces, I went thru the entire buggy and inspected anything that may need attention, and as of now nothing really needed other then re-lube the bearings and check dog bones and bushings, with 3 gallons thru it so nice that I can put it down on the track and go for it.

The last 2 weekend races at our track have been good with great results placing top 3 on both weekends. People telling the buggy handles greats from the looks of it on track.

This week I plan to go thru it again to be ready for practice friday and should be there early to get things ready and such, If any you guys need help what so ever feel free to ask I know how much it makes things easy for racers to have help around being fuel run times or checking tire compounds and measuring engine temps. Also once the heats are posted and Im not same heat and have the time I be more then glad help out pitting for your heat.

See you sometime friday and good luck
see ya Roy and have a safe trip...we will try to find you, or you us. Maybe we can get the entire INTECH crew in 1 area so we can make sure everyone's rig is preped and ready.
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