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Originally posted by Z00M
Seems like a large tolerance.

Oh well, I guess we now know the answer to the leaking carbs if there is a .2mm tolerance in any part that deals with fuel delivery.
I knew you dose not really need help. I knew you just want to see predicament of STS. From all of your questions I knew it already. OK,you got it.

Why I started this thread is want to give service to who real need it. I knew there are many dealers hiding all over here. I knew some other guys also want to see STS's joke. In my opinion we don't need to tread on other's head for climbing up. So I almost never appear on other brands threads. It is one kind of esteem. Of course I knew all problems of all brands but I don't want to talk. I don't need to put down somebody to show people that I'm knowledgeably. I'm a traditional Chinese. We think highly of propriety.

Don't blame me why I didn't reply your dealership request. STS want to develop step by step. We don't rush. To produce a better engine is more important to us at the moment. We study engine day and night. The progress speed is terrible. But if production can't catch up with selling,there is no use. That is why I don't want to extend our selling net now. I would like to say sorry to you,buddy.

Don't know what engine you are selling now. Anyway,I still bless you. If you real need help,I'll be there always.

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