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Default San Diego's Newest R/C Shop: Ampdraw Hobbies

Hey guys,

As we've discussed in my previous thread (http://www.rctech.net/forum/forumdis...0&pagenumber=2) we are working towards an indoor track in San Diego by getting the retail store portion up and running first.

The shop will be located at 243 N. Highway 101, in Solana Beach right off of Lomas Sante Fe Drive, right between Java Depot and the Tidewater in a place called The Boardwalk mall.

We are scheduled to open the first or second weekend in September, and there will be a weekend-long opening party/sale going on. We hope to have our Reedy Race DVD screening throughout the weekend as well.

The shop is small, and for now will be focused entirely on R/C land vehicles. Within 3 months, we will be carrying full lines of support parts for Associated, Losi, HPI, Tamiya, Hudy/Xray, Schumacher, Corally, Traxxas, Mugen, Serpent, Kyosho, and at least a few more that I am forgetting. The stock will not be 100% off the bat as it will take some time to get everything ordered and into the system, but we will try to have as much as possible ready when we open.

Within 6-9 months, we will fully cover 1/10-scale on- and off-road, 1/8-scale off-road, a few different monster trucks, and micro/mini stuff as well. From there we'll have to see how it goes.

Once we're up and running, the store will be open 10AM-6PM, 7 days a week. I might open up earlier on the weekends if there's interest. The "mall" we're in locks up at 6:30 so we can't be open later than that (although I can accept appointments... haha).

As of yesterday (August 3rd), the store has been carpeted and painted, and we're to the point of installing the pegboard and shelving, with display cases and signage on the way. I'll post some photos when some of that stuff is done.

I won't actually be working in the store, as I have a full time job already, though I hope to be in a bit on weekends.

If anybody has any suggestions or things they'd like to see in the shop, by all means let me know here.

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