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Both chassis are the same, however, much better steering rack on the "E" version. Though, you can buy those pieces, and add them to the standard chassis....
BUT, the "E" also has stronger shock towers, and option to mount the shocks in two locations.

For speed runs, I recently ran the maiden on a "E" chassis, with a 4.5T Team Checkpoint Brushless motor....on the radar gun, hit 48 mph on stock gear ratio (19t pinion, 61 spur)

Going to creep up one tooth at a time, so I don't overload the motor. Should be able to hit 60+mph without breaking a sweat, handling, will be a different story.

Used a 5000 mah LiPo with 50C rating.
Novak GTB2 ESC
The 4.5T Checkpoint motor, has approx 9200KV rating.

Alum center driveshaft and bearings are a must!
Oil shocks are a must over 20 mph.
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