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Originally Posted by Chris Peralta View Post
I agree that the guy should have been removed from that class when qualified mid pack in Pro. I also want to know why nobody had the ballz to say anything to the guy at the race?? I mean if nobody said anything to him in person this thread is a waste of time honestly and is no more than a bunch of crying. Confront the guy and put him on the spot if you don't like whats going on, especially if the race director lets it fly. If enough of you guys at the race would have bagged on him and called him a sandbagger he probably would have pulled himself out of the race. Half of the problem is people always expect someone else to handle the dirty work, sometimes ya just gotta man up.
Starting a confrontation is not the way to handle it, and your suggestion would do just that. It was brought to the RD and people in charge attentions and they did what they did, I personally do not have a problem with it. Again it all falls back to the RD, and its a simple fix, police it or don't have the class!

I was a participant in the race in question and even though it is my opinion that all of this falls back on the RD I do feel like the CRCRC crew did a great job and I respect their decision on how to handle it, so I guess I'll just have to walk around without any balls since I didn't put the guy in his place.
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