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Originally Posted by Greg B View Post
Yep, I raced with the guy and totally had no respect for his decision. When he won sportsman, you should have heard the yelling. LOL What pride this guy must have.
OMG!!!!!!!!! This is so true!!!!!!!!! You would have thought that he just won the nats or something! And did you see him and the French guy mauling themselves and everyone they came up on? WOW!

I was told that out of respect the directors were not going to do anything about it since it was not written down in black and white, and that it was a moral issue with the driver if he wanted to act like that.

As far as sponsors are concerned I don't feel that should be the deciding factor if a driver is sportsman/pro to a point. I think all the companies deserve the right to have representation in all classes, thus the reason there are a lot of 50% deals out there, I mean come on its 50 off retail for the most part! I think it should be based on two things no 100 deals of any kind, and what the race director/s deem an appropriate time for that track for those classes.
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