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Originally Posted by hana166 View Post
Has anyone got experience on how battery position affects the handling, in this car specifically.

In terms of initial response, mid corner bite and exit steering, both at high speed (entering a sweeper let us say) and at low speed, for example in a tight technical infield

Oh yeah also how is forward bite affected?

Won't be able to test for a while, input appreciated
Only time I've played with it so far was to move the cells to the R2 (rearmost) position last weekend for a few runs. Gave a lot more mid corner rotation, but seemed to reduce the initial a little. Hard to tell on the exit though, and not so many highspeed corners on the track I was on.
If I get the chance this weekend, I'll try going to the F1 (mid-front) position, but from reading Tom's comments before, that increases the stability. Will be good to see if that happens.

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