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Originally posted by Lonestar
Horatio, this one's for you...

seriously... that's weird...


Mabuchi 540:

Well, I run MR4 alloy steering arms. They are a little heavier, but offer other advantages besides durability alone. Plus they work for me!

When starting off a new thread in a composite component, like where the kingpin goes into a steering arm/knuckle for the first time for example, it's a good idea to clear the thread as you go. You can do this by backing off the kingpin 1 full anticlockwise turn for every 3 full clockwise turns - just like when you're tapping a thread with an actual tap.

Also, when re-assembling it helps save wear and tear on the threads if you do the following:

When putting the threaded screw/king pin etc back in, LIGHTLY & SLOWLY turn the screw Anticlockwise (yes - the wrong way!) and listen for when you hear a 'tick' or 'click' sound. This is the point at which the screw drops into the existing thread, so stop turning at this exact point. Now you can tighten it up clockwise as normal, knowing that you're using the same thread as last time - thus saving wear and tear on the components and preventing premature failure of the thread. This is particually useful on gearbox housings.
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