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Default Re: Hey dino, some photos..

Originally posted by au_Nightmare
Dino, a photo is worth a thousand words so..
First 2 are the top of the piston after about 40 - 50mins of racing. 3rd is after rub with rag to show what was easy to remove and whats stuck. (Piston was cleaned day b4 racing) Max temp I got was 210F, the other time I check after 14mins solid driving it was around 190F - 200F (sometimes less, like 185F, not sure now, temps checked with Infra Red probe)
Richer HSN - after a number of laps engine would cut out when applying throttle.

Running Medium OS plug, mid range is already 1/2 turn in, should I lean mid range further, maybe colder plug?
Maybe LSN too rich (does not seem like it though) causing me to run a lean HSN?
Going from internet weather station air temp was 8.1deg C at 10am, 14deg C at 3pm so 200F seems ok for temp?
Your engine was a little too lean. At 8~14C I will use hot plug and richer HSN. When you rich the HSN and your engine will cut out after some laps that means the plug is too cold. is offline  
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