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Mark - Great to hear you'll be coming to the Birds! If you need anything, just let me know.

Carl - I don't think so because most of the tires that have the wobble problem/loose fit are from the front bearing. The rear bearing is ok and that's why the tires run true on the truer and then wobble on the car (My .02). The new rear rims just have the big offset that does move them very close to not truing the inside edge but the main issue is the ID - Instead of the wheel sitting on the flange bearing shoulder it sits on a 14mm shoulder. Also - I have actually never ran the inline car. My car from IIC was the standard car from the year before that I had won the previous IIC, back/back Snowbirds and ROAR Nats plus Cleveland. I've heard Mike Ivy is really happy with his inline car so maybe he can clue us in on his set-up. I will also check with Pete D since he was extremely quick and ran 3rd in 13.5 at IIC. Rims are 37mm front and 38mm rear. The combo tires are something that I've always liked to create "in between" type tires where you could run a soft tire with a firm outer edge to prevent peeling but still have grip.

burgboys - Not without modification. The steering rack sits on the 10mm standoffs that the graphite top deck mounts on with the origional Evo. You would have to drill holes in the chassis (26mm from center to center) and run an additional 2.5mm+ of spacers under the standoffs in order to clear the top deck. I hope this helps.... Oh, the holes would need to be drilled 16mm (c to c) back from the rear screw of the front bulkheads.
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