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Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
Stills needs to go on the setup board and paint a body. Cant Question for everyone. What are you guys using for pinion and spur combo for 17.5 class? Coming from 1/8 onroad, I a little lost on this subject so I went with what the guys at the hobby shop recommended after they did some calcs. 108/53.( 64 pitch) Yahhh... it doesnt fit... pinion is way to big and there's not enough room to slide the motor down. lol... The biggest i can do is a 30 tooth. Martin...if you have some info on this subject in your app, I would give it another star to make it 6. lol. So back to the original question...what pinion/spur combo? or better yet, a link to some info that sheds some light on this subject. Thanks y'all. Jon
If you are running blinky same as we are i am running 96/46 but i do have to mesh the gears with one screw and then take the mount out and tighten the other screw down. Has anyone found a 64 pitch gear that will let you adjust your gear mesh with out taking the entire motor mount out of the car.
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