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Originally Posted by tomdav View Post
Don't they give you springs? I picked up a few sets as they are cheap and the car keeps getting better as I go up in rates.
Doesn't who give me springs? And even if they did, my car is still VERY good with the stock springs.

I haven't tried any other springs because I havent felt the need to yet...too many people will change things after a few battery packs without ever working with what comes with the car. I've got 50 packs through my car and I know EXACTLY how my car drives and reacts at my track at different times of the day and night during racing with different conditions.

I'll change springs when my car isn't competitive or I can't make it go any faster with the current set up.

Until then, I'll keep putting in TQ runs and compete for the A main win on my loose to med grip track in Exp 2wd mod class at my local track.
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