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Thanks everyone for trying to solve this. As to the questions. I am not 100% sure it is the original piston and sleeve but based on the diagrams they look right to me. The piston is tight in the sleeve and has plenty of distance from the top when you push it inside the sleeve. Maybe you can tell from the pix is it looks right to you.

I am running OS RP6 plugs and 20% Byrons Race Gen 2. There is the one head gasket. I have not tried a different carb as I don't have access to one, but if all else fails I may try that.

You guys have inspired me not to give up on this thing just yet! I tore it down completely and took some pix. Before I did I tested the front bearing again and there is a small air leak. It is almost nothing but who knows when it heats up maybe it is getting worse. At this point I think I will find some new bearings, clean and reseal everything and see what happens! It is just not in my nature not to figure things out if I can!

I will post some pix in case anyone sees anything. Honestly I inspected it carefully and the only potential issue I think is left is the bearings. They are not completely smooth spinning, but no worse then bearings I have used with no problems in other engines. At this point I think that must be it based on process of elimination. Edit - OK that rear bearing is $62!!! We won't be replacing that one LOL, the front I can get for $16 so that one is good to go.

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