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Default Anyone "Give Up" on An Engine That Won't Run Right?

I know the answer has to be yes...or at least I think so!

I got this OS .12TR used as part of a sale. It was supposed to be lightly used and the pinch was really tight. It always gave me problems with flaming out. I took it apart and everything looked good. I sealed everything up (neck, carb bolts, backplate, fuel inlet) and there were no leaks. I pressure tested it and all is good.

When I got the tune right it would run awesome...but at times it started flaming out. I finally solved that problem with a new tank, or so I thought. New tank, new fuel lines, sealed engine, tight pinch, no internal signs of trauma, bearings were good, crank had no signs of wear and fit tight, no issues with the piston or sleeve, they looked new...and it ran great for a short while...

Temps were good, it would run great for a short while, then just when I thought I had it down, it would act up again. I am positive the HSN and LSN were dialed in as all the indicators of a good tune were solid.

Then same old crap. Would flame out at random. I gutted the thing and looked at every needle and seal, air filter, glow plugs and my underwear. I sacrificed a couple of chickens and still nothing.

My motivation was not to save money on a new engine, but to beat this thing! In the end I got so frustrated it was replaced with an engine that runs flawlessly every time, with the same tank, fuel lines, clutch, drivetrain...you get the picture.

So it beat me down. And it still sits on my workbench mocking me because for some reason I can't throw it away...LOL

Anyone have one of these?

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