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Originally Posted by romeo_charlie33 View Post
Not trying to start an arguement about nomination fee's but they do seem to be climbing each time an event is held. I thought the fee's were written into the rules so each event profits the same or has these fee's been rewritten without affiliate clubs knowledge.
Everyone has there view of nom fees...........mine is they are way to cheap for what everyone expects....

$80 for a 4 day event is cheap guys you get a a well prepared track (generaly a completely new track) covered pit area etc, etc.

Yet you pay around $10 for a club day which gives you the track in what ever condition it comes in, bring your own shade cover etc, etc.

Not sure if we changed the fees or not at the last AGM, thought we did, of course if you attend the Nationals in the ACT in 2012 you can attend the AGM and have your say


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