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Originally posted by jjmudd
Goldfinger you are wrong. The piston on the RR series of motors is Microcast not CNC.

2.1 cm^3

Maximum power
1.54 cv 1.62 cv
40.800 g/min 43.300 g/min
Bore x Stroke
13.70 mm x 14.25 mm

Ports nr.
Piston type

Crankshaft 11.5 mm
Type EFRA SG Turbo SG
Glow Plug Type Turbo
Exhaust Type Rear
Carburetor 5.4 mm (interchangeable insert)
Type Slide
Material Aluminium Alloy

Taken from Nova Rossi website.
Yeah, I could be wrong. 2 days ago when i check nova site for crankshaft pn. I notes that, And Im confused.
The RR piston is having 2 oil pit and having same colour/finishing with 1st generation of NS12, while they releasing NSR. Equipped with microcasted piston (they said) darker colour but still 2 groove, exactly the same with MAX P series.

Couple month after it, MAX is releasing S series. Piston has a brighter finish than previous P version but only have 1 oil pit.
Soon after that, NSR is releasing newer batch with ported sleeve(3port) and lighten crankshaft(5port) and the piston is exactly the same with MAX S series.

Dunno about newer RR, but in here the piston is still not changing.
Please open/borrow your friends NSR piston you will notice the difference.
I still could be wrong though....
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