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Attachment 845667845674QUOTE=Seisick;10017889]Will you care to share how to replace wo the tool, hudy also makes one. I believe[/QUOTE]

Sure.. This is the quick and dirty

It not rocket science. I first start with a dogbone laying on top of my partially open vice. The vice should be open so that the dogbone body will rest on the top the jaws of the vice and the pins are protruding thru the vice but Not clamping the pins.
I then use a small brass hammer and drive the pin just before it is flush with the dogbone body. I have a front dogbone that was never installed on my car. I use this dogbone as punch since these pins are the same diameter of the pin I'm removing. I then use the front dogbone as a punch to drive the pin slightly past flush. I just want to drive the pin far enough so the new pin can be capture faily easy by the partially vacant hole. I then drive the new pin in as the old pin is drive thru the bottom of the dogbone. Only thing that is left is to insure the pin is centered in the dog bone.
I took some pics of different stages of the process. I have not ordered new pins yet; so I have no pics of the new pin being driven in.
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