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Oh CRAP!! late to the party again....lol....Stockin up on weed killer so I dont have to use the shovel anymore...(NOT FUN)...also getting banners and have some people telling me that the can get me some. Looks like only Nitro for me again but might get the F1 up and running..(nice winter project)...Ray if ya need me to do anything let me know Ill be going up periodically to do some stuff....just before the spring I am thinking about building a small cart to put trash cans on so I can take them up to the other cans to get rid of them,,,,again if anyone has empty 55 gallon drums we can use them....also stockin up on red and white spray paint because someone cough cough did a crappy job of sprayin yellow on my beautiful paint job...lol. And I guess I better start lookin for some 2X10's to fix the bleachers. would also like to build Ray a better work station. Might be startin the RC flying thang!!! So not gonna have a ton of cash to go electric VTA this year if anyone needs anything feel free to email me and I will get back to ya...HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL and hope ya get cool RC stuff from the fat guy in the red suit....CYAAAAAAAAS!!!!
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