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Originally Posted by Robotech View Post
I'm having the same issue. I put 10K oil on the side dampner and figure maybe I should clean that off and go with none for right now...maybe try some 5k if I need more. As for the droop, I'm only seeing adjusting preload as a way of adding droop. Is this what you are talking about or am I just missing something?
Hold the car up in the air and loosen the center T plate screw, that's gonna add droop. Max droop will be with the center screw removed, just be sure to glue the o ring (or a pink foam for the shock) back in place or the ride height will drop a bunch and the belly will drag. For even more droop you can unscrew the shock shaft end to extend the overall length.
The X1 suggests putting an o ring under the piston to limit the overall length so unscrewing the shock end will allow you to get some of that length back.
Try going to 2000w on the damper, even wipe it off a bit after working it a little, just barely noticeable is how I run my side damper.
I also run soft spring with very little preload on the center shock.
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