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been into rc 1year, still a noobie

been into rc 1year, still a noobie

Old 04-08-2013, 08:18 PM
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Default been into rc 1year, still a noobie

Hey guys
Yep, been here for i think atleast a year, still a noob. So im just gunna throw my thoughts up here for anyone who wants to read...

Got my first rc, HPI MiniRecon about a year ago, played with it a little then put it down due to frustration with it(tbh i dont even remeber why now) picked it back up and did alil more to it and now i think it moves pretty good with a Hobbywing ezrun18a + 3s 800mah lipo. The current project is mounting 2x 7.4v 1800mah...

I wanted to post more about two other lil projects that ive got and want some advice... lots of thought going through my head so here goes...
Im still mostly a noob, but I picked up a modified traxxas tmaxx with a picco26maxx and other mods, and a busted redcat earthquake 3.0

I bought the redcat because ive been dying to get into nitro, i bought it used and learned the hard truth, dont buy used nitro unless you know what your doing... paid 150 for it, my local hobby shop told me the motor was dead...

With a strong recomendation from the shop owner, i bought a used/modded tmaxx in good shape from one of his other customers for $500bucks(overpaid?).

Had him tune it(took about a week to actualy get it) took it home and ran it(stupid fast) it eventualy died and i couldnt get it started agian... hard as hell to get it to turn over... that combined with the fact my wife dropped the Tx and broke it. I feel I'm just getting a bit frustrated with it...

So i havent been able to get it running agian... so ive been thinking about turning back to the redcat...
While rebuilding its a possiability, im feeling that nitro is just too finicky, expensive and dificult for me to own more than one at a time, and im not exactly swimming in money...

Im thinking about trying to turn my Earthquake 3.0nitro into an Earthquake 8E brushless... looking at my essential roller, the chassis seems ok(somebody goobered the crap out of the engine mount holes, so i duno) but i think i can handle it, i just need to know the differences between them.

Found a similar to stock brushless esc and motor for 150ish, more powerful ones for a little more, ive got two batteries i can use (those 2s 1800mahs from the recon) but im not to sure what else id have to do... maybe make the trans a single speeqd or get the servo arm to opperate the brakes, and keep the 2speed
Or i could just buy a new earthquake for $329 shipped on fleabay? Dont make sense being ive got a chassis...

Id want to ether do that to the redcat, or the tmaxx.i feel that two nitros are a bad idea and ive already got lots of $$$ into the tmaxx already, its beast if i could just figure out how to run and care for it... i may just sell it but im doubting my ability to get anywhere near what i spent on it...

Any thoughts on this?
Thanks for reading my troubles...
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Old 04-11-2013, 06:57 AM
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Electric is the way to go. Especially for new people IMO. I went through the same thing with a savage and was just sick of fixing it more than driving it. Got a slash and got into racing and have had a blast. I got a better race truck and just bash with the slash for fun. So glad I made the switch over. Plus now I've meet alot of cool people who be glad to help me if I wanted to get back into nitro. I mean I do love the sound and speed nitro has but the ease of electric is way worth the little extra cost. I say get rid of both of those trucks and get an electric monster truck or buggy. A sc truck is great if you wanna start racing but not the best for playing in the yard. You be glad ya did. I know u said something about converting your redcat, don't bother not worth the trouble.
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Old 04-11-2013, 08:18 AM
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make sure clutch is ok.....visible inspection

check for fuel leaks at the tank and the fuel lines

make sure glow plug is good as well as the ignitor

always use fresh fuel

go back to factory needle adjustments and the engine should run unless it is ready for a rebuild or the garbage, as they get old they run ok when cold but stall a lot when up to running temperature.

when adjusting your needle always turn in small increments, think of a clock and never go more than 1 hour at at time.

make sure engine is at running temperature when making adjustments, dont tune a cold engine it will run diffrently when warm.

follow your ears, you will know when it sounds right.

don't buy used engines

read,read,read all you can, and learn from peolple who know. It is a lot of trial and error and takes a bit to learn don't get frustrated.
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Old 04-11-2013, 11:57 AM
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Not sure if it's your cup of tea, but if you really just want to do some RC bashing and fun and don't want to constantly be spending money on expensive fixes or mess around with nitro engines, do this:

1.Buy a RC18B2/T2 roller with servo from ebay ($100 or less)
2.Buy the Toro 25a brushless combo from hobbypartz.com ($35)
3. Buy 2 of this battery (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...dProduct=16679) ($20)

It will be stupid fast, from for about 45min at a time and it will take a serious beating and if you ever break anything it's easy to find replacement parts for Team Associated cars and it'll cost less than $5.

Brushless systems for minis are dirt cheap if you buy offbrand stuff and they still work great. I find nothing more frustrating than owning a car you spend more time fixing than enjoying, which is why I will always have a cheap brushless mini around to bash with when I'm frustrated with a more temperamental car.

EDIT: Or just buy this and be done with it, if nobody bumps that price up in the next 9 hours thats a stupidly good price for a great car and a nicer brushless system than the Toro
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Old 04-11-2013, 02:31 PM
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Nitro is for folks with time, money, desire to fiddle with engine tuning, people who like working on their cars as much as driving them, and those that want unlimited run time once things are all set.

Electric is for everybody else. I just swap batteries and keep going instead of simply squirting in more fuel. Still works well for me.

I think a couple companies make electric conversions (including a new chassis) for the nitro tmaxx. You might want to look into that as an option since it sounds like you enjoy that truck a lot when it drives.
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Old 04-12-2013, 10:37 AM
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Well, I've got a mini recon brushless that's ok, but I want something bigger that can really tear up... why I got the tmaxx

Afa time, I've got time, money not so much, for me its just being unsure I'm doing it right or like notsure if I'm inadvertantly killing my motor... its just being unsure on what to do
If it does "X", what should I do or not do?

Ima keep at it but its severly pissing me off...
Any guys in nc wana gime a hand?
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