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Old 02-05-2005, 09:56 AM   #1
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Default Frustrated with my first nitro, help!

Hi guys. Got my first nitro vehicle recently (Serpent 710, Sirio .12) after doing electric touring for awhile.

I've had a devil of a time starting it, so I used most of the advice I found here. Here's what I've been through so far:

Piston was sticking TDC, so I put a few drops of oil in and heated the engine up with a hair dryer. Also loosened the plug slightly. Now, the engine actually does turn over and runs awhile on the starter box (it's a good Ofna box). The piston still sticks, but if it does I pry it past TDC with a flathead screwdriver to give the box time to give it momentum to get it around again (which it does).

The problem is that it will only run when the box is turning the flywheel. I remove it from the box, and it's dead instantly. Glowplug and igniter were good, starter box battery charge was good. I adjusted the high speed needle 3 turns out, the low speed 1 turn out. Fuel seems to be getting to the engine -- it looked a little wet inside when I remove the plug. I adjusted the idle screw to make sure the carb doesn't close fully at full brake. I even gave it some throttle when on the box and it still dies when I remove it. Could I have installed my clutch (centax) incorrectly? Should the wheels turn at all when the starter box is turning the engine over?

Thanks for any pointers. Although this is probably the most frustrating thing I've tackled so far in RC (electric seems soooooo easy now), I know I'll lick it eventually. Good thing I have some time until the spring racing season starts
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Old 02-05-2005, 12:04 PM   #2
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i have a nitro offroad car and i have the same problem with getting it started. Ive gotten it to run 3 times over the past year. Eletric is a godsent after messing with it.
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Old 02-15-2005, 10:07 PM   #3
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Hey partner. Your wheels should not be turning while on the starter box. If they are your clutch is engaging too soon. Also your Sirio will probably remain tight for quite some time. I had a friend whose Sirio continued to stick for half of the race season. The thing was faster than shit but sometimes a pain. Continue to heat it with a heat gun while starting, also remember if it is an AAC version it will take a little longer to generate heat than if it is an ABC. Also, I know of at least four people who had problems setting there 710 clutches at first so seek exp. help on that if you can. Check all of your clutch and 2 speed bearings too. Good luck and patients is king in nitro.
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Old 02-16-2005, 02:09 AM   #4
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Patients is the key!

A few tips in motor tuning:

Oh... This page show how to mod and engine, DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, get the basics down first and leave that stuff for the pro's.

But to get the motor running: Remember this, a motor will only do what it is told. The carb tells it what to do. If it isn't starting, back the high end needle out till it is flush and the low end, turn it out till it is flush with the end of the hole it is in. after you have those flush, turn the low end needle in 1 turn and try to start the engine. If it doesn't start after a couple bumps(providing you have fuel running to the carb), turn the needle in 1/8th of a turn. Continue till your engine starts. Let the engine idle. If the engine stalls, it could be too rich or lean. If there is fuel/oil spitting out of the pipe, it is probably too rich. The best way to check is to run the car. REMEMBER, YOU SHOULD ALWAY SEE SOME SMOKE OUT OF THE PIPE WHEN DRIVING.

Give it time, don't rush with nitro. You can burn an engine up in less time than it takes to tie your shoes if you don't keep the engine cool. a good tempature for an engine is between 200 and 220 deg. Racers run the hotter than that, but in time you will know what your engine likes and doesn't.
Am I going back racing?...Hmmm.. Not anytime soon... But soon enough.
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Old 02-16-2005, 04:14 AM   #5
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hi der. so ur in the process in break'n ur engine. i had that prob also. that my flywhl wil not rotate or my starter box cant spin it. wat i do is i used a pliers to losen the flywhl.
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Old 02-16-2005, 06:04 AM   #6
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Thanks for the replies, guys.

I had narrowed it down to the clutch a few days ago. In the process of checking it out I discovered that I made a few, err, small installation mistakes. Probably something to do with building it around 1 a.m. Not to mention that I think the 710 manual is very confusing if you have never built nitro before.

After I built the clutch correctly, it fired right up. Needs some tuning, but nothing I can't handle. Just need to wait for some better weather!
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Old 02-21-2005, 11:49 PM   #7
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loosen glow plug when first starting it.
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