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Foam bumber modification for a TL-01

Foam bumber modification for a TL-01

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Default Foam bumber modification for a TL-01

Hi all

As this is a rookie thread I thought I would share some learning experience with the rest so that hopefully other new-comers to the hobby won't have to go through the same probs I have

Anyway, as we all know the TL-01 from Tamiya does not come with a foam bumper but only the crappy plastic ones. This is not a very good design as generally this is a car beginners buy or own and therefore it gets bashed around a lot. The plastic bumper is not that great at absorbing impacts.

So the moral of the story is that I hopped up my TL-01 to the lightened chassis - then during assembly made a critical mistake - probably too hasty to get the new chassis assembled - I screwed the stock bumpers on upside down. You will not notice this traight away but you sure as hell notice it as soon as you take the car for a ride hit something and notice big cracks developed as well as the fact that the gears are visible - not a good scenario.

Anyway I fixed the broken chassis with some epoxy and refitted the bumpers correctly - problem number 2 - the screws were stripped so everytime you make an impact the screws wanna fall out and your back to square one. To fix this I put a very small amount of super glue in the holes let it dry for like 10 seconds and then screwed in the screws - now they are nice and tight again and when I remove them a new thread has been created. This is not a new trick but I thought I'd mention it.

So now I have the broken chassis and stripped screws fixed - problem number 3 - that plastic bumper ain't going to take bumps very well.

So I went to my LHS and bought a foam bumper from a TA04 but I am sure one from a TT-01 will also work. Anyway this one fits perfectly.

So now to fit it to the stock plastic bumper. Take a drill bit the same size as the holes on the foam bumper and drill two holes into the stock bumper. Then, if you baught the oil filled dampners when you built your car you would have a small piece of rubber pipe extra. This rubber pipe fits in perfectly into the holes in the foam bumper and the new ones you have just drilled. Measure and cut this pipe into two pieces the correct length for the foam bumber to sit on top of the plastic bumper so that when you insert the rubber pipe it is not protruding at the bottom of the plastic bumper or the top of the faom bumper.

Next, you would have ended up with two extra body mount poles (the ones with all the small holes) when you built your car. Cut these so that when you put them in the holes just one of the small mounting holes protrudes at the bottom - this is where you will then slip the mounting pins through at the bottom. At the top leave a couple of holes for luck but slip the mounting clip through as close as possible to the foam to ensure a tight fit.

If you battle to get the plastic poles through the rubber use a little Tamiya grease to lube it.

So to end off - I cannot understand why Tamiya didn't bring out this chassis with a faom bumper in the first place seeing this is a car aimed at entry level RC enthusiasts. I mean this car is quite quick for a beginner when you have fitted the race tuned gear set so you tend to bump it quite a bit.

Anyway I hope this will help some other poor beginner in the future.

PS. I will post pics of this mod over the weekend.

Thanks all

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Old 09-02-2004, 12:02 PM
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about the super glue trick, put in glue, leave for 10 seconds, put in screw with fingers untill you feel slight resistance, then wait about 10 mins, and then screw it in all the way.

The foam bumper trick will be sturdier if done with bolts, and washers. As for the chassis, i do not reccomend using epoxie, you are better off not tightening your screws so tight you cause stress, t1-01-jhb.
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Old 09-02-2004, 12:03 PM
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also, some internet terminology for ya, this would be the rookie forum, and the Foam bumPer thread

sorry if i sound mean, but its just how i help people
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