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My TL-01 chassis is just not lasting - help >

My TL-01 chassis is just not lasting - help

My TL-01 chassis is just not lasting - help

Old 08-28-2004, 02:19 AM
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Default My TL-01 chassis is just not lasting - help

Hi all

Ok had a quite big impact with the car and noticed that it had developed a small hairline crack at the backend on the bottom just before the gearbox - OK good enough reason to get the lightened chassis hop-up.

Rebuilt the car with the new chassis (also my race tuned gears) and took it to the track this morning - did a couple of laps on one battery pack and when I checked the bottom of the car the chassis had started cracking again, this time in the front and the back - this time behide the gearbox.

Ok I have to add I neglected to fit the the rear bumper my bad.

How important are the front and rear bumpers to the over-all strength of the chassis?? It cracked at the back where the suspension arms attach to the body - guess the stress the suspension puts on the body with the new speeds was too much.

Another problem is, is that the body even with both the bumpers attached does not seal very well in the very front abd back. Theres a small gap. So what I have done is to use Tamiya modeling putty to fill this gap, but what I'd like to know is whether this is a known issue for the TL-01 chassis or am I maybe doing something wrong during the assembly process.

Another issue I have is that the screws at the top of the bumpers - front and rear seem to strip very easily ie. they just turn and turn any ideas on how I can rectify this???

Ahh well the joys of my new hobby

By the way - those race tuned gears make quite a big differnce - very good investment.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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Old 08-28-2004, 05:38 AM
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well i can answer one of your questions. The stripped screws u can either buy new front and read bumbers and buy new screws or use some lock tight and do it the cheap way. I have problems with screws stripping out too. Oh ya for the cracked chassis. I cracked my a while back and cracked it where the battery positions are. Its just the last position near the rear wheel. All i did to fix it was get some epoxy and epoxy the thing back together on the top and inside of the chassis.
hope this helps
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Old 08-30-2004, 02:30 PM
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Hope this helps. I do quite a bit of repair on Tl01's since our club primarily races Tamiya cars.
1. Cracking is not normal. make sure not to tighten Tamiya screws to tight. Tighten till stiff, then maybe 1/4 turn more. I usually use 2 fingers while tightening screws. It gives me a better and lighter touch. Also, if the battery is really tight to get in, sand the battery area a bit. If the battery is wedged in tight, it puts a strain on the chassis. When the car gets smacked, the area around the battery can crack.

2. Stripped screw holes are easy to fix. Remove screw. Place a drop or 2 of CA glue in the hole. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and then put screw back in and don't tighten all the way....just till snug. Wait a couple of hours then tighten screw completely.

3. Definitely put a front bumper on the car. If you're not racing TCS, you can buy the GPM bumper and mounts from www.rcboyz.com. OR you can drill 2 holes in plastic front bumper, buy (2) 3 inch plastic wing hold down bolts/nuts from any hobby shop and insert bolts through bottom holes upward through a foam bumper( any Tamiya unit or other) and hold it down with the nuts. Trim bolts so they don't touch the body.

4.The "seal" problem should not be happening. This may be the result of over-tightening the screws. The putty will just get in your way. Don't suggest using it.

5. Before you put to much money in the TL01...may I suggest you sell it or keep it as a second car. I'm not absolutely sure but my opinion is that the TL01 will soon be retired. The TT-01 is a MUCH better chassis and is terrific to work on. Consider changing before you spend to much on the TL.

6. WELCOME to Tamiya Land !!! These cars are addicting in a big way. I've tried others and there are some good ones out there but Tamiya offers such a great variety and is the ONLY brand with a large collector market. Have Fun and feel free to ask your fellow Tamiya owners any questions. You'll find that we all love to talk about our cars !!!! C ya, Dino
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Old 08-31-2004, 08:54 AM
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Thanks for the very informative reply

I actually just bought the TL-01 for a family member to get him involved in the RC thing but I will definitely be buying myself the TT-01.

Bit pissed off at the hobby-shop owner as the TT-01 chassis is quite a bit cheaper than the TL-01 and it had a ESC. But he recommended the TL-01 to us - probably just wanted to get rid of old stock.

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Old 08-31-2004, 09:43 AM
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Don't worry...the TL is still a good chassis. It's a shame you could have bought the TT for less though. As I said, the TT01 is probably a better car to invest in. Use the TL to learn the hard stuff on but plan on getting the better chassis when you can. The TL has been around for a long while, it's not surprising the shop suggested it. I still catch myself thinking of it as THE Tamiya chassis to start with.
P.S. .....this may help also....this is the primary South African distributor and you can see Tamiya Cup racing info + Dealer listings. www.jeffreystein.co.za

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Old 08-31-2004, 12:27 PM
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Yeah the TL-01 has been around forever it was my first car and I love how easy driving it is, I converted it to drifter a year after I jumped a drainage ditch. no cracks though Like evoracer said you probably have a heavy hand and tend to over tighten the screws, as for the bumper I made some custom aluminum ones, you need something there, that holds the chassis together on the ends, my bumper is acually just an aluminum plate cut to fit. see pic
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Old 09-02-2004, 10:56 AM
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you should really make a real bumper. what you could do, is make it so that it is a \| shape of aluminium. And, sorry to be correcting you, but that would be aluminum sheeting, not plate :P
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Old 09-10-2004, 07:04 AM
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a TL01 got broken!!! dude i think its better for you to get a monster truck... those are designed for bashing... smashing... crashing... mmmrrrraaahhhshing...
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