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Default Witch Radio

I'm new to the R/C hobby.
What is the best radio on the market?
- In high Price
- average price
- low price
(brand ? Model?)
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it is had to give a "best" to things like radios and car and other things. One persons best is another middle or worst. Most high end radios have the same(or almost the same) functions. The main difference between controlers is the feel in a persons hand. Only you can decide that one.

High end would be a FM digital radio with features that I dont what they do.

"middle" radios are noramlly FM analog or simple(r) digital radios.

then there are 27mhz AM radios which are the standard for RTR trucks.

My suggestion would be to use the search button 3rd from the right on the top of the page and start reading through all the threads pertaining to radios. You should be able to lean more than enough and be able to make your decision.
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Man, the title tricked me. I thought this was about a cool new radio that can cast spells and make a broom fly.............j/k

As stated go with an FM set up. Also I would suggest getting a three channel radio even if you don't need it. ( you might in the future) I'm also a big fan of synthesized (crystal free) set-ups. They are super convinient and can save you money in the long run since you won't need to buy crystals. Budget is probably the biggest factor in making your decision.
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Synthesized radios are really of great help instead of buying more crytals especially when your in race and can't run your car de to damn glitches.. If your on synthesized just dial in your frequency on your on the way to race... I used JR xs3 I've been using this radio for almost 8 months and I don't encountered any problem at all.
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I am interested in the JR XS3 ... anyone else with this radio and/or experience with it? I have played with the KO Helios and the Futaba 3PK, love them both. Especially the 3PK! Problem is once you buy the radio, a few crystals and the digital servo .... you know what I mean, the well just aint that deep.

Thus far what I have seen and read of the XS3 it looks really good! I used the newer JR radios for aircraft and they were great. I am going down to a JR dealer to play with one probably this weekend and was hoping some of you would have some experience/comments.
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I own the m-8 and it is awesome
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I own JR XS3 and it's great radio. You dont have to buy other crystals to change freq.
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I run the M8, but the MX-3 is a great radio for the price.
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I've been using the Futaba 3PK for a couple of years now, and I use that radio to run all of my cars and personally I think it is the best radio on the market. It is alittle more expensive than other but it's worth every penny.
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I personally think that Airtronics is a little more user friendly....just my opinion though.
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Thumbs up Futaba 3PK

It will be the last radio you ever have to buy!
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I would look at the new Futaba FM it looks really good,Plus the one thats $159 comes with a good MG servo,and it has 10 model memory,it looks to have the features that an M8 has but for less money..could be the hot ticket..
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Default Re: Witch Radio

Originally posted by Jimmeke
I'm new to the R/C hobby.
What is the best radio on the market?
- In high Price
- average price
- low price
(brand ? Model?)
There really aint a "best" radio on the market - it depends on what you need. For example, if you race GP cars, the 3PK have a hughe advantage due to a built in fail safe. But if you race EP cars, the Fut 3PDF probably are more than enough.

Anyway, grip is the most important.

Low price, I dont know.

Mid-range, KO Presto, Fut 3PDF, Air MX-3 and JR XS-3 are very good radios. Personally, I find that the high end radios are more hype, than most people need. These mid-range radios are really, really fine.

High end: Lots of hype, but I think you cant go wrong with anyone, as long as you stay with wellknown brands like Futaba, JR, Airtronics andKO Propo.

Whatever you choose, remember to do the grip test !
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3PK is the best high end high price

JR makes some really good middle ones such as the XR3 and the XR2
,and your stocker is the best cheepie. Ive got a stocker for sale if you search "evader st" in the for sale section, i would let it go for about 35-40 cdn
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For high end radio's I prefer the M8.It keeps both hands closest together for better radio operation.Now it is even better since Airtronics offers synthesized Modules in 27 and 75 mHz with receivers to match.
It is proven that co-ordination between both hands is improved with both hands being closer.The further apart the more dificult controlling becomes.
Lots of guys like the top heavy radar guns and they have nice features but the menu's are difficult for most people without reading the manual a few times and then referring back to it from time to time.You still need crystals but it has PCM feature.Great if you ever worry about built in fail safe.
The KO Helios is a real nice looking radio with great features but a price tag to match.It has fully adjustable wheel position and is fairly easy to use.KO is becoming popular again tho so expect to see them in more hands once the price gets better.
JR R-1 is a wicked nice radio but it has a hefty price tag to it.
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