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RS4 Evo Problems

RS4 Evo Problems


Old 04-09-2006, 10:53 PM
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Default RS4 Evo Problems

Hi everyone;

Seems as though this may be a better forum to post this question than "Nitro On Road"

I just bought a new RS4 Evo RTR
In followed the instructions to the letter, but had trouble starting it.
In the manual it showed putting the glow charger on the glow plug, but did not say anything about how long (eg untill it starts, for 10 secs, etc). If I left it on there it would start, but die shortly after taking it off.
Also, while trying to start it, after turing over for a few secs (with the roto-starter) it sometimes would (seemingly) seize, or stop turning. I never held it on there once it stopped. I only let it turn for 5 secs or so at a time.
After I DID finally get it to idle, it would die, as soo as I tried to apply even a tiny bit of throttle. (Also, the wheels were not turning as they should, almost as if there was brake or clutch drag, but I don't think so, it rolls freely).
I let it sit a couple hours, because I thought it may have been flooded, and the roto-starter was turning VERY slowly, as if the battery was not charged. So I charged the battery for the roto-start, while I let it sit for a couple hours.
When I tried to restart it again, the roto-start failed, it actually smoked where the extension piece fits in to the roto-start, and the battery got real hot.
I am a couple hours away from the dealer where I bought it, and am wondering if I can just use the extension piece in a drill, or use something else.
If there is a link to find all this info, I would be glad to read it.
Thanks for any help.
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Old 04-10-2006, 06:42 AM
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if the engine is stalling shortly after taking the glow ignitor of the plug, just try putting the throttle trim on your controller up just a bit. or adjust the idle screw counter-clockwise 1/8 turn.

you destroyed your rotostart because you kept trying to start it even though it may have been flooded. i assume that you have the older rotostart that does not have the circuit breaker to cut off incase of a flooded engine. you should invest in the newer rotostart 2. if your engine is flooded, it will be very hard to start and will not turn over smoothly. ( one reason i like pull starts is because it is very easy to feel a flooded engine because the pull start cord will feel very rough when you pull) if you think (or know) that your engine is flooded, remove the glow plug, turn your car upside down,pull the pullstart cord or turn the rotostart and let the excess fuel drop out of your engine.

you can put try putting the rotostart extension piece on a drill. but the drill has to be pretty powerful to match the speed of what the rotostart turns at. (i have tried this and it didnt work because my drill is a piece of crap)
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