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Jconcepts Wheels, Tires, Gear, Wheel Nut and More In Stock!

Jconcepts Wheels, Tires, Gear, Wheel Nut and More In Stock!

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Red face Jconcepts Wheels, Tires, Gear, Wheel Nut and More In Stock!

We have just stocked some Jconcepts Wheels, Tires, Gear, Wheel Nut and other Parts. Please see the following:

Jconcepts T4.1 Front Axle For 12mm Hex Conversion #2170

One of the best upgrades you can make to the Team Associated line of vehicles is a conversion to 12mm hex wheels. JConcepts has been on top of this conversion since its introduction with hex adaptors and Mono wheels. A critical point of the conversion revolves around the front axle and surrounding geometry. Within the steering block the space is very tight and especially between the 2 front bearings where the front axles rests between the bearing bores in 1 plane and the king pin in the perpendicular plane.

The JConcepts front axle design is based around high-quality steel construction, an outer bearing crush step and an inner 4-40 locknut for security. The design eliminates c-clips, screws and other items which are hard to detect of issues which limit performance. The free spinning design includes axles, 4-40 mini lock-nuts, thin axle shims, decal and assembly instructions.

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JConcepts SC10 Carbon Graphite Fiber Rear Body Mount Brace #2164

Short Course trucks are very body sensitive. The proper body style, cut-outs, overall weight and roll characteristics can determine a properly handling vehicle. The SC10 has a very flexible rear body mount which provides several durability advantages but when it comes to performance, having a sturdy base to the body is critical. JConcepts rear SC10 body mount brace performs just as the description suggests and supports the body mount in high-force situations.

While in the turns, the weight of the body hangs down in the rear and allows the body to flex toward the tires which cause unwanted handling and aero changes which may contribute to an ill handling vehicle. Simply install the brace as instructed and the body will now remain in a more standardized position on high-bite conditions and during hard corning.

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Jconcepts Rib and Wedge Ball-cup assortment For Team Associated B4.1 T4.1 B44.1 SC10 #2181

This is the optional JConcepts Rib & Wedge Ball Cup Assortment. Tie-rod ends on 1/10th vehicles are one of the most heavily stressed components on an R/C car, and with the ever evolving racing surfaces and layouts, a heavier duty design is required. JConcepts has gone to the drawing board and designed 2 different ball-cups which compliment the Team Associated assortment of vehicles. Ball-cups pop on and off as a requirement of their base design but limiting the bending, tweaking and brittleness is the focus of the design.

First, the Wedge ball-cup has an increased diameter around the turnbuckle which naturally provides a beefy cushion between metal and plastic. Another feature to the Wedge design is the longer boss which slides over the solid shank of the turnbuckle increasing the overall strength of the connection. Included is an angled version of the Wedge which can be used on the outside of the rear camber link for increased clearance on the rear wheel and also to the inside which increases clearance around big bore shock springs.

The rib ball-cup is a more traditional design but incorporates 3 ribs across the weakest point resisting bends and tweaks normally associated with hard crashes. The rib ball-cup surrounds the turnbuckle with a round boss versus a hex design, slightly increasing the surrounding area where it is needed. A short, rib ball-cup is also included for servo to steering bell-crank connection. Both the Wedge and Rib ball-cups include an open top which allows for ball-end accessibility for quick and damage free adjustments.

Its recommended to use a slight amount of clear diff lube on the turnbuckle threads to assist in a smooth thread-in process during installation. A gentle hand in installing the ball-cups and adjusting the turnbuckles will go a long ways in terms of function and durability. As always, its advisable to always replace worn, previously popped or questionable parts prior to race events

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Jconcepts Pressure Points Green Compound Premounted to Black Hazard 12mm Wheel #3049-3264

This is the Jconcepts Pressure Points Green Compound Premounted to Black Hazard 12mm Wheel which is directly fit for the Associated SC10 RS, SC10 4x4 and SC10 FT. Also fits the Losi XXX-SCT and SCB with 12mm hex adapters, Hazard wheels have additional +3mm width offset each side. Alternating dogbone shaped and round nub tread pattern. Super soft green compound firmness rating.

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Jconcepts Front Bumper Conversion Kit For Traxxas Slash 4x4 #2173

Building the unique Scalpel speed-run vehicle centers around a new bumper design and layout. The front bumper conversion kit comes complete with an assortment of high-end parts to ready the Slash 4x4 for function and durability. Fiberglass upper and lower plates with hinge pin retainer build a stout structure. Low-profile, aluminum body mounts for all 4 corners are included to slam the body to speed-run standards. Bulky aluminum stand-offs and cushy / protective “touring car” style bumper assembled with high-end 3 and 4mm hardware throughout tighten the complete assembly.

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Jconcepts 4mm Blue Locking Wheel Nut for Traxxas Team Associated SC10 4x4 TLR 22 22-T SCT-E #2089

JConcepts has your 4mm locking wheel nut needs covered with the Illuzion wheel nut set. These high precision wheel nuts are flanged and serrated for locking security and feature a light-weight design. The JConcepts wheel nuts are intended for use with all Traxxas vehicles which use the 4mm wheel nut along with Associated SC10 4x4, TLR 22, TLR 22-T and SCT-E.

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Jconcepts 48 Pitch 81T SS Machined Spur Gear for Team Associated B4.1 T4.1 B44.1 SC10 #2098

JConcepts introduces Silent Speed spur gears.

The heart of any R/C vehicle is the transmission, at the top of the transmission lies the spur gear; an integral part of racing performance. Designed with several key aspects in focus, JConcepts introduces the Silent Speed line of spur gears for select Team Associated vehicles.

Spur gears or straight-cut gears are some of the simplest forms of gears; however they directly influence the ratio, speed and sound of R/C vehicles and they are extremely important. These gears when meshed together correctly provide the transfer of power from the motor to the transmission and are one of the key elements in the versatility and sound of the vehicle.

Silent Speed spur gears are precision machined making them uniquely concentric over standard or molded gears giving the user a consistent gear mesh allowing a more precise adjustment and more “silence” on the race track. The detailed machining provides a pattern vented area and secured slipper pad on both sides giving more consistent slipper performance. The gears are marked for size in 2 different ways so they are identifiable either assembled within a slipper assembly or as a stand-alone part. Silent Speed spur gears are also branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.

Already a winner, the Silent Speed Spur Gears scored a victory at the 2011 ROAR Off-Road Nationals in the 2wd Short Course Class in the hands of Ryan Maifield on his Factory Team SC10. Gear-up or Shut-up, Silent Speed by JConcepts.

Machined, recessed dots on the outer edge indicate size while assembled within the slipper assembly for the easiest identification.

Click here to know more!

Please see the following for more new Jconcepts products:

JConcepts SC10 12mm Hex Conversion Front Axle Set #2171

Jconcepts Precut Chassis Protective Sheet Black For Team Associated SC10 SC10B #2247

JConcepts Mono Wheel w/12mm Hex for Team Associated T4 #3354W

Jconcepts Mono 2.2 Rear Wheel 12mm Hex Yellow 4pcs For AE Buggy B4.1 B44.1, RB5 #3348Y

Jconcepts Hazard Black Front Wheel for Traxxas Slash #3350B

Jconcepts Goose Bumps SC Green Compound Tires #3041-3240

Jconcepts Goose Bumps Green Compound 2.2 1/10 Truck Super Soft Tires #3023-02

JConcepts Black Finnisher Wing w/Gurney Options for 1/8 Off Road RC Car #0128B

Jconcepts And-1 Firm Tire Insert for 1/10 Buggy #3203

Jconcepts Aluminum Blue Steering Bell-Cranks for Team Associated B4.1 T4.1 SC10 #2158

Jconcepts 4mm Blue Locking Wheel Nut for Traxxas Team Associated SC10 4x4 TLR 22 22-T SCT-E #2089

Jconcepts 4mm Black Locking Wheel Nut for Traxxas Team Associated SC10 4x4 TLR 22 22-T SCT-E #2090

Jconcepts 48 Pitch 81T SS Machined Spur Gear for Team Associated B4.1 T4.1 B44.1 SC10 #2098

Jconcepts 32 Pitch 54T SS Machined Spur Gear for Traxxas Slash 4x4 Stampede 4x4 Rally #2154

Jconcepts 14 x 5.5 inch Chassis Protective Sheet For Team Associated RC10 #1155

JConcepts 12mm Yellow Hex Hazard Wheel w/3mm Offset for Team Associated SC10 4x4 #3344Y

JConcepts 12mm White Hex Hazard Wheel w/3mm Ofset for AE SC10 4x4 #3344

JConcepts RC Pit Mat 122 x 61cm Yoga Style Material #2133
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