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rcmart 10-19-2010 08:28 PM

Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 7 Race Report
Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 7 Race Report

F1RCGP Race report (Round 7)

Round 7 F1RCGP 2010 in Iwate

Mizusawa Radicon Circuit June 20, 2010 (Sun)

Weather: cloudy and rain, temperature: 27℃, Humidity: 72%, surface temperature: 26 ℃

Game 7 is F1RCGP2010 Northeast Conference first round series Iwate. Rainy weather and when there is overcast and there is unstable, in the stage Rajikonsakitto Mizusawaku Mizusawa City, Iwate Prefecture, interior, were introduced about the hot battles also slosh plum rainy skies. Mizusawa Rajikonsakitto is operated by radio control Mizusawa is Onrodohaigurippusakitto indoors. Mizusawa RC shop in the historic 32 years this year to celebrate its founding in 1978, initially have offices in the same Mizusawaku Mori{banned}a, the airport opened in 1986. Hall transferred to the ward in 2000 and then the car, now leads to the reopening in 2003 and currently. The current shop still in its seventh year, Leave a new atmosphere in the scent of wood, two-generation family of four employees Iwaki ('s, children's generation, Mr. Yuki Tadashi, Satomi's) is open in. All is good in general RC. From ground objects such as cars, the staff are familiar with a wide range of aircraft and helicopters in the sky, makes for a nice polite to advise customers. The sky is like doing at RC Mo as a courtesy. Using a radio-controlled aerial photography can be much easier than actual aerial, you can try to ask how what once was.
If the circuit, it was renovated barn where the original has become a domed indoor Onrodosakitto. Course Length is 120m, 25m with a back straight, and flat-grained asphalt road surface. I usually use the drug grip, 1 / RiN only in the touring car circuit 12 and, in the grip of a powerful grip F1RCGP history, F-1 or high side (corner off an overturned car handles it in G) that many of the scene. Grip under this wonderful environment, other things will be deployed Haisupidokonaringubatoru unparalleled.


The number of participants, F-1 Class Name: 25, F-1 Grand Prix class: 5 Team 6, and 31 total. This number is somewhat small but F-1 Grand Prix class participation, very high level. A great battle was waged to attract viewers Kurasurashii Grand Prix. Especially in the runaway series points chase players ALEX RACING Winners Team Bomber players Kambayashi Kato, took what is expected to close the gap to the point of victory in the second half of this round of Iwate. The club teams bid for his first radio-controlled Mizusawa raised from this series, is also worth a regular drivers Countering the Grand Prix class. The circuit-breaking was held before the Planning Rajikonmagajin, and also contains information on the club team won the drivers. Iwaki under the supervision of his coach, the team faces in the two preparations is also advantageous in terms of strategy seems to work. Meanwhile, F-Class is also about a level not to lose the Grand Prix class. F-group members from outside the prefecture I a lot of love, has been deployed in various parts of a close battle. The power source to regulate things such as motors, also easily enjoy a close run high F-1 big attraction. I like to have more than enough to enjoy all the fun.


Practice Day
Sky is slightly overcast day the day before practice. However, all-weather indoor track is useless to worry about rain. Many entrants are from the early morning rush, I started to practice. I first saw the track is a shiny surface. Agent attached to the surface and the grip is always the best grip. Set for the expedition, seems surprised by the first grip. The tire diameter and the usual setting, the machine shows a quick handling, the situation is easily lead to the high side off guard. Many participants from things like this is starting to drop the tire size tire setter. (Note: F1RCGP like Keru adjustments to tire diameter in the players do not have a setter tire offers encouraging lending setter tires. Please join us feel free with no Setters tires. In addition, when the President Games Please feel free to contact us.) Local players are very familiar with the situation, runs through the end of the straight section with sufficient vigor in the first high-side Ishi Yasu. Talk and hear, first as a theory is changed to offset the front knuckle type, the initial response to mitigate the corners, then 2 ~ 3mm height of the point is like the lower center of gravity is adjusted to as much as possible. The manual also like to make a firm with less understeer out of the front springs. In the course side changes are under different sets of information exchange has been a good time we are starting to run for each player to be more stable over time.
Class Grand Prix Team Bomber Katoh, ZEN player Hashimoto, TEAM SONIC athletes tailed cherry, Futaba F-1 Racing player Kimura, players Kamozawa of RC Mizusawa local and suit all players Aoki, constant time of the middle from the first half, 9 seconds mark. Among the strong performers, players still Mizusawa Kamozawa of RC, Aoki Player, Team Bomber Kato three players. Mark has not only the early time of 9 seconds, the top team in the state units are also targeting eight seconds. Machine Team Bomber, Bomber conversion is quite like they did everyone Kozuru Supahaigurippu road, cornering speed and acceleration performance great. Nailing someone in the gallery side of the course also has a lot of attention already. The team then used a radio-controlled F103TRG Mizusawa the conversion. Was impressive and always had to run consistent laps as possible to the course layout errors less familiar. F-local players still look strong in one class. In the early time of 10 seconds, many athletes, some players have come to feel is put on stand 9 seconds. There is no time difference for each player, Masu Hashi tomorrow is going to be feeling unusually close.


Day of the race
Day of the race and other campaign groups are also gathering in Chiba Prefecture, from the bustle of the morning. F1RCGP recent expedition to the players more, I'm glad the organizers and purposes, and we very much. We accept each player will be paid to the control tire, Taiyasandingu started immediately. In order to obtain the best set of tires in the size of yesterday's practice to make adjustments all sizes with a grim look. Then, each player is given a final free practice time before the race. You can check the set yesterday, or are running for the first time players of today, everyone has different purposes. The pilot unit was almost full condition is always something like a quite a work to secure his standing position. F-1 class players, the players Oikawa, Goto showed strong player, has repeatedly run at speeds comparable to the corners of the car Grand Prix class. F-1 Grand Prix class player, still wait and see the continuing practice of each player, Team Bomber Kato keep strong. Hangs expect to win. On the other hand, JMRCA an experienced off-road champion Japan Kimura Power Futaba F-1 Racing player is followed by driving a little upset not overcome the high side of the machine. It is a place that you can make up to worry about set up to determine the start of the race. After practice, the filming is done Doraibazumitingu memorial F1RCGP2010 Iyo Iyo Game 7, will start the race.


First round of qualifying
Class F-1 first round of qualifying, 23 lap mark early Suruga players were painted in beautiful colors of yellow blue purple. 23L4'02 .315, recorded 351 times in 10 seconds, the best standard, the goal of all time. The Heat lead, but 23 laps to go and record a lot of players, time loss away to a mistake a few times, it can slow to a wall over 23 laps. So even at 24 weeks you'll see it tick for 10 seconds in the first half times a week, chances are if you looked just the best time for many players. Heat 4 saw the first nine seconds of the total number Autobacs color red white players Miura, but the 951-second mark 9, 23L4'09 .277 record. However, things began to slowly best time, "even if no accident or mistake" and said there is growing hope. Meanwhile, others say the time to overwhelm the 25th anniversary of the players suddenly saw a fluorescent red color Oikawa Heat 5, 25L4'07 .221, won the provisional pole in the 705 best 9 seconds. Tiba is modeled after a second wide green color orange Ban Masami White (Hiro Akira) 23L4'00 .502,3 players are players ranked 23L4'00 .614 Goto follow in white color. 23 weeks mark a player at this point, incidentally, in solid colors of white players ranked Kumagai 16 23L4'16 .689, 10 seconds to 280 will be the best.
Class F-1 Grand Prix first round of qualifying. Heat is a first look at the timesheets in 25th ZEN players Hashimoto. Records 25L4'03 .930, 365 best of 9 seconds. Hashimoto ZEN players is very high basic performance conversion, excellent maneuverability is impressive even under such circumstances any. Has outstanding driving stability even on high speed corners that are especially difficult end of the straight. However, the subsequent heat, Team Bomber, in time To go beyond the members of RC Mizusawa, ZEN Hashimoto update records. Katoh Team Bomber 26 lap mark a very powerful running. 26L4'05 .314, second in the 220 best nine, won the provisional pole. Machine power system was summarized by G-style, seems to demonstrate a power superior to other machines. Armed with the power unit of the system of RC Yokomo Mizusawa Kamozawa players follow, repeatedly driving without mistakes, 26L4'07 .207, 9-second mark to the 273 best. Aoki players even more Mizusawa RC 3rd, regrettably not received for 26 weeks 25L4'00 .044, 9-second mark to the 364 best. The top three cars did not have no use running line, a set of state machines are also Ooita thicken. Three different yet so closely, it's also fierce fight after this will no doubt qualify.


Qualifying second round
Class F-1 Qualifying second round, the players featured fluorescent red color Oikawa amazing lap times say the 25th anniversary of the first round, lost time due to a painful crash on lap 14, lap 24 stop recorded. But the best update 0.045 seconds, 9 seconds 660 mark. Showed the best sail fast in this round, painted in the color of Chiba Orange Green White (Hiro Masa) players. Beteranrashii dangerous driving repeatedly without worry, 24L4'07 .813, 10-second mark to close 071 units in nine seconds, the best. Besides, Abe Williams Renault (Makoto Yoshi) to increase their own time player updates, 24L4'08 .270, achieved jump up from eighth to third place with 043 best 10 seconds. 25 laps so far only one player Oikawa, 24 laps until the fifth player Goto white, blue white collar position 23 weeks 17 BMW Chiba (Taro Shin) to mark the player.
Class F-1 Grand Prix second round qualifying. The road rises more grip, steering in a very difficult work to each player, Team Bomber 626 also updates its own time to 4 seconds Katoh, 26L4'00 .688, 9-second mark to the 075 best. Show the expansion of the pole position for the rock-solid. Mizusawa Kamozawa the RC players chasing it has crashed a few middle and late, as well as the time update, still put in 26 laps 26L4'08 .984, 9-second mark to the 189 best. Leaves open the possibility to gain pole position for yet. Aoki said the best players, but team-mate out to 364 as the first round of nine seconds, echo time updates as well as mistakes in midfield and the first lap. On the other hand, Futaba F-1 Racing Kimura player is retired and not in denial E start. The narrower width Kono Mizusawa Rajikonsakitto course, technical course. The path is also crucial to the lap time up. But after the second round, you know the pace you came around gradually becomes less one lap crash and begin to stand out a single mistake. Why are attacking each circuit aggressive players all.


Third round of qualifying
Iyo Iyo and final qualifying third round of qualifying F-1 class. Weather upheaval this empty before, heavy rains are outdoors. The roar from the sound of rain the roof of the circuit a large spike in the humidity indoors. It is estimated that one round will track changes rapidly compared to the second round. The first major update to the first heat in his best offensive players in the running of driving a Renault Yada. Rushes into the lap 22, 22L4'08 .567, emerged as a top 10 place by 19 seconds 391. The top three battle, Oikawa players, players Goto, Chiba (Yutaka Akira) to update each time the players in this third round, players are fluorescent red color Oikawa 25L4'07 .151, 680 pole position in nine seconds, the best! Goto second place in white-collar player, 25L4'09 .608, the best jump up from fifth to second place with nine seconds faster than the 621 mark Oikawa player. Third place white orange green color Tiba (Yutaka Akira) player, 24L4'07 .575, 080 best 10 seconds. 4th place Abe (Department) and the players ran on the ranking do not greatly mistake, 24L4'09 .029, 9 best jump up from 14th place to fourth place 967 seconds. 24 laps of white orange Faiyapatan Sato 8th (Yasuo) enters from the players was waged for the last qualifying round very high level. There are also fears of increased humidity on the road who, like the time is not relieved in effect.
Class F-1 Grand Prix qualifying third round, ZEN player is the only time to update Hashimoto, 25L4'02 .904, 9-second mark to the 393 best. The players practice at lunch in RiMi carefully, ZEN F104 is like the exercise of coming here was to set up the conversion result. Unfortunately ranking remains unchanged in fourth place. Other players in this round as well as anyone time updates. However, Team Bomber Katoh mark of eight 933-second fastest lap competition in this round! It is 1 / racing time compared to similar 12, Team Bomber F104 feel the performance was abysmal conversion. Mizusawa Kamozawa the RC players, because many players will miss some Aoki, as well as a slightly modified time. Each time 26L4'00 .762,25 L4'01 .719. Machines as a unified team colors of Benetton Even so, good luck big F1RCGP is run to the first challenge. Even after this final round is Team Bomber Reru want to work hard as Kato. Team Bomber Game 4 Kato Fukuoka Nexter Circuit pole position for the second time since the tournament this season, the passing is hard to Rajikonsakitto Mizusawa, front row grid valuable, they have established a thorough preparations for victory Masu.


Qualifying order
Class F-1
No. 1 Oikawa Yasushi 3R25L4'07 .151
No. 2 Gotou Shinya 3R25L4'09 .608
No. 3 Tiba Masahiro 3R24L4'07 .575
No. 4 Abe Mitsuru 2R24L4'08 .270
No. 5 Abe Tsuyoshi 3R24L4'09 .029
No. 6 Miura Hiroyuki 2R24L4'09 .417
No. 7 Shiyouzi Yoshihiro 3R24L4'09 .829
No. 8 Sato Yasuo 3R24L4'10 .304
No. 9 Suruga Hazime Takashi 2R23L4'00 .996
No. 10 Sueyoshi Masakazu 3R23L4'01 .176
No. 11 Yamamoto Masakazu 2R23L4'01 .929
No. 12 Yuki Sasaki 2R23L4'01 .965
No. 13 Oomura Makoto 2R23L4'02 .220
No. 14 Sato Masahiro 2R23L4'02 .458
No. 15 Isao Tsukasa Kumagai 2R23L4'06 .637
No. 16 Itou Takayoshi 1R23L4'08 .317
No. 17 Tiba Taro Shin 1R23L4'10 .034
No. 18 Yamakawa Toshihiro 2R22L4'07 .315
No. 19 Yada Masaru 3R22L4'08 .567
No. 20 Ishibashi Yuusuke 2R22L4'10 .826
No. 21 Miyano Masashi 1R22L4'11 .217
No. 22 Iwabuti Izumi 2R21L4'03 .808
No. 23 Shigematsu Takakazu 3R20L4'10 .597
No. 24 Watanabe Atsushi 2R19L4'04 .549
No. 25 Kikuti Hirobumi 3R 8L1'36 .633

Class F-1 Grand Prix
No. 1 Katou Takashi (BOM) 2R26L4'00 .688
No. 2 Shigeru Hazime Kamozawa (MIZ) 1R26L4'07 .207
No. 3 Aoki Satoshi (MIZ) 1R25L4'00 .044
No. 4 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 3R25L4'02 .904
No. 5 Sakuraba, Shinya tail (SON) 1R25L4'07 .083
No. 6 Heart Kimura Department (FUR) 1R21L3'54 .609

For final
From heavy rain outside the state, and has become progressively thinner as the sun and clouds can be seen. Circuit in the humidity is starting to slowly fall. Each player, in preparation for the final round one last run, machine maintenance is not busy. The official who is busy with a comprehensive summary of the players. And people need to be ready with the final equipment must be taken. We also entered Rajikonmagajin coverage and that may also appear in a magazine there are many opportunities for local players. As a point of machine maintenance, replacement and Motamente is a major work like Def and grease. The state continues to work with local players Reta has no time to complete the development. The class participated in F-1 Futaba F-1 Racing Grand Prix Kimura players unable to finish the tournament yet, how many more repairs than the machine's maintenance. In the final part of the team at last year's world champion also wants to work hard. TEAM SONIC cherry tail player has paid off this expedition from Chiba Prefecture, as a team, as his first play to enter the A main, it succeed to get the point. After this final round, what seems to be aiming at a high point in how the point. Team Bomber Kato won the pole position admirably, but enough to show facial expressions, has had bitter experience in local own head to break the circuit does not look like the guard. The pit is also well developed and complete machine, a radio-controlled players Kamozawa Mizusawa, matches both name and appearance of the player to explore Aoki. After this final round, the best physical condition of each player's machine, it is sure to show us a great battle.


F-1 C Main class finals
F-1 C Main class finals. In this main appearance dressed as a real racer Miyano players start from the first Ferrari. Rises suddenly start was cut in the audience. First of all players start from the grid Miyano Ferrari 1, attach a rocket to place two players start off color Shigematsu Autobacs from third on the grid followed by excessive speed immediately went off into the infield. Emerged as the top two players were painted in blue color Iwabuti white instead. Then, it immediately jumped in the players the opportunity Miyano Ferrari stand Iwabuti top players. Iwabuchi top players runaway state temporarily. We build more than half a second difference. However, the high-side falls at the first corner. During Marshall helped, but the gap is a little later, back at the top. Iwabuti white blue-collar player that hangs in the subsequent gradually pull away again after that. However, we are starting to run some spots, a scene came up big crash at lap pass. Then, during a painful crash in the end of the straight Iwabuti players, to resurface the top players Miyano-awaited Ferrari Miyano players are racing, despite wearing a full face helmet, repeated steady run on lap 11 seconds, also the top goal Nenoke Hot Pursuit Iwabuti brilliant player! Happy to win the C main decorated. The second place athlete Iwabuti, the top three players are winning Shigematsu Autobacs color


Class F-1 B Main race
Class F-1 B Main race. The start will be the start of each vehicle in a row pretty nice. Yamamoto top players were painted in white color on the grid start one yellow, two fastest players Sasaki red color, and third place players Omura, Williams started off by qualifying the street. Ranks at equal intervals in each car to make contact, the leading group in the first corner. Sasaki top players escape red color, changes to the No. 2 player Omura. Yamamoto's top three fastest players from before, to give players the fourth Reitonhausukara Sato.Gi race each car is really going commas difference. It is a tense feeling of distance one fatal mistake. Then, the players Omura Williams signed a good chance players Sasaki Infiru Kozuru process of wrapping, rising to the top. Omura players a chance to practice the timing, but also top of the pass lapped the same way, the players are passed red color Sasaki, Sasaki top players again. This top-two battle lasts a while, Miss Sasaki, the players in front of a corner. Top players RiKimasu Williams Omura. Omura players looked relaxed in a good run before passing lapped calmly. Takes second place to expand gradually the difference between keeping the lead. And about four seconds to keep the difference between second place finish intact, protected the lead players, Omura Williams received a checker at the top B main. The second player Sasaki red color, was the third player in white yellow Yamamoto. In the rear, start from seventh place in the 5 BMW Chiba (Taro Shin) plays a player jumps up.
<img style="border: 0px;" src="http://rss.rcmart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/r0741.jpg" alt="Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 7 Race Report" /><img style="border: 0px;" src="http://rss.rcmart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/r0742.jpg" alt="Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 7 Race Report" />
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Final standings
Class F-1 C Main
No.1 Miyano Masashi 41L8'06 .539
No.2 Iwabuti Izumi 40L8'02 .510
No.3 Shigematsu Takakazu 39L8'09 .462
No.4 Kikuti Hirobumi 34L8'07 .339
No.5 Watanabe Atsushi 30L7'18 .069

Class F-1 B Main
No.1 Oomura Makoto 44L8'01 .748
No.2 Yuki Sasaki 44L8'05 .533
No.3 Yamamoto Masakazu 44L8'09 .015
No.4 Sato Masahiro 43L8'04 .569
No.4 Tiba Taro Shin 42L8'00 .250
No.5 Itou Takayoshi 42L8'06 .130
No.6 Isao Tsukasa Kumagai 41L8'02 .330
No.7 Yamakawa Toshihiro 39L8'09 .474
No.8 Yada Masaru 38L8'02 .915
No.9 Ishibashi Yuusuke 6L2'46 .513

Class F-1 A Main
Class F-1 A main final. A final start Meinrashiku start pretty speedy. Despite trailing slightly in a crash, the top group has no effect, place a fluorescent red color Oikawa players, place 2 white players Goto and third green color orange white Tiba (Yutaka Akira) Players In order to go through qualifying run. Eventually the top players battle Oikawa, to close quarters of the difference between the players Goto comma. Color fight, Abe Williams and third place players spaced slightly Tiba (Makoto Yoshi) players will fight. Oikawa machine players is the leading color fluorescent red line running very smooth. I feel that the set was decided a car driving technique considerably. However, disturbing the line of exchange greatly lapped the field in falling to the crash to pilot your honor! Goto top white players surfaced here! Oikawa, followed by second place player, who returned immediately after the crash. Goto top players travel covers line cleverly block fierce charge of No. 2 player Oikawa. Soon these two battles go to intensify. Players Oikawa red color fluorescence trying to slide the nose in the players Goto each entrance of the corner, players Goto sway side to side Seji be it further interlaced both lap, followed by driving the line risque very Masu. In four minutes remaining, the battle still goes on top. Tiba's lap while running in third place player, fast-paced battles of the conflict still continues to the top. Nevertheless Goto top white players while driving is less pressure to push good players furious Oikawa. The remaining 30 seconds, followed by head-to-head battle at the end of nearly six minutes, hit the rear of the player away to goto Oikawa players finally crashed Oikawa player! In the game there where the players in this long battle 征Shi Goto, F-1 A class decorated the main championship. Oikawa, who has two top players throughout the fair battle. Thank you very much and even the organizers did a great race to say cheers for good work. Third place white orange green color Tiba (Yutaka Akira) players are winning players shake off the pursuit of orange Faiyapatan Sato fourth.


Grand Prix F-1 A main class
F-1 A main final Grand Prix class. After the opening fanfare before the start, the race has started at last. A Grand Prix class at the start of the main, 17.5T Ku flag stick at all to drive high powered motor, a line is drawn by a stunning beautiful. Top Team Bomber Katoh, blue-white color was orange-toned color Bomber. The second player's RC Kamozawa Mizusawa, Mizusawa RC Aoki also followed by third place players. Mizusawa RC color has been toned color Benetton livery very noticeable. Kamozawa second-place player to use and quick handling of the machine, but continued to mark the temporary right of Kato behind the stars align, the difference is going to open slowly. At this point, the best lap top Team Bomber 9 seconds, 9 seconds 280 183,2 Kato Kamozawa ranked players. Slightly different from the best and only 0.1 seconds, very close. Kamozawa players began somewhat earlier mistakes stand out, become a single run of second place, the gap can be gradually Aoki third place players. Futaba F-1 Racing retire here but unfortunately the machine will damage the player Kimura. Kato top as usual while maintaining a fast pace, and we pass the next lap. Team Bomber F104 conversion of Kato is running very smooth footwork. Compared to other cars of the quick reaction to the slight, Team Bomber machine, Mizusawa Rajikonsakitto road in this Supahaigurippu feel like there is a great performance with excellent control. And even then I Team Bomber Katoh surrender the top spot without even once played with a landslide victory in second place! In this 2010 season standings, the top 15 point ALEX RACING Winners justified the difference between players Kambayashi, world championship later in the remaining three races the drivers are now more and more confused. Second and third players in RC Kamozawa Mizusawa, Aoki players entered, the team high score of 35 points marks aligned. Teams battle for top spot six RiMasu the newcomer at once. The season points battle heating up rapidly, what has become a very spectacular. I will focus on this fight it!


Final standings
Class F-1 A Main
No.1 Gotou Shinya 47L8'06 .512
No.2 Oikawa Yasushi 46L8'01 .604
No.3 Tiba Masahiro 45L8'03 .162
No.4 Sato Yasuo 45L8'04 .289
No.5 Miura Hiroyuki 45L8'05 .521
No.6 Abe Mitsuru 45L8'05 .655
No.7 Shiyouzi Yoshihiro 45L8'07 .904
No.8 Abe Tsuyoshi 44L8'10 .294
No.9 Sueyoshi Masakazu 42L8'12 .017
No.10 Suruga Hazime Takashi 31L5'44 .282

Grand Prix F-1 A main class
No.1 Katou Takashi (BOM) 51L8'07 .424
No.2 Shigeru Hazime Kamozawa (MIZ) 49L8'08 .068
No.3 Aoki Satoshi (MIZ) 49L8'08 .280
No.4 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 48L8'01 .690
No.5 Sakuraba, Shinya tail (SON) 45L8'08 .940
No.6 Heart Kimura Department (FUR) 8L1'43 .802

Awards podium champagne
After the race all the awards podium at the end (the top three awards) is made. This higher level of racing in general became a very spectacular race by a neck. F-1 class was a battle march of more than six minutes, the white players Goto, F-1 Grand Prix was led by the top class from beginning to end trophy was presented to Team Bomber Kato. Finally, place two in each class, including champagne by the six players in third place. Fight the victims of last Hari Haya, F-Goto player gave me a great run a class. Clothes becoming soaked with champagne, was awarded the applause from everyone. In addition, F-1 Grand Prix class at a big round of applause was awarded to two or three members of the RC Mizusawa place finish.


Besutorukkinguka Awards
Besutorukkinguka award, the original color of orange Faiyapatan the first time, SATO (Y.), decided on the players. ZEN L79 body type is used, produce a sense of old. Based on the color orange, red, had been carefully painted blue accents. JPS decal without any discomfort, and were all moved to a beautiful finish.


All lottery awards
The last is the whole ceremony. Business card-sized cards handed out awards to all participants, racing luck was honored. Thereafter, while the snack box, we'll go to the big lottery. I received many offers from manufacturers sponsored prize this time. Distribute them to players who really appreciate the thoughts, a pleased expression on his face is all I got even. Then, each chaired the closing ceremony of the convention speech indicated here is well received by Mr. Iwaki Rajikonona Mizusawa, now ended successfully. This thing could really take place in the Northeast, F1RCGP staff would appreciate.


Major equipment data F1RCGP Games
Data will be the main equipment F1RCGP Game 7 of the Convention. Machine, radio, amplifier, F-1 Guranpurikurasumota, share and battery Competitors County name, age, and gender composition. Those who join the next expedition and who is by all means please make yourself useful. Round8 F1RCGP2010 next day, August 29 (Sun) Fukuoka (F-home circuit 1). This is a great circuit facilities are also made the final round last year. We look forward to welcoming everyone.


Everyone that participated in this player, like rent capped Mizusawa Rajikonsakitto circuit Iwaki, everyone of the staff of each chairman and vice chairman, and other regulars like Sueyoshi like to help run capped Rajikonkurabu Mizusawa, lottery The meeting capped a presenter, his wife, Yamakawa, thank you very much. And everyone and everyone Rajikonmagajin pair of reporters away, we rushed to thank Haruka Sari journey. F1RCGP2010 series and three races remaining, also scheduled for the final international game. Because it is willing to go that strive to manage the end everyone will enjoy, thank you for your continued support and look forward cooperation.

Source: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RC.../rr2010r7.html
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