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Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 1 Race Report >

Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 1 Race Report

Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 1 Race Report

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Default Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP - Round 1 Race Report

Race Report F1RCGP
First round F1RCGP2010 in Nara
Seiki RC Stadium January 17, 2010 (Sun)
Weather: Sunny (indoor) temperature: 7 ℃, Humidity: 57%, surface temperature: 9 ℃
F1RCGP2010 opening game, the victory of Yamato City, Nara Prefecture (protection money) Sutajiamuseiki was held in the RC. RC in Sutajiamuseiki F1RCGP the second place. Game 4 was F1RCGP2009 last four held in May. This is colder than the last, cold enough to frost the morning Biyori Was, taking advantage of the indoor circuit, was absent during the race is not like the cold much you care. And staff from the usual course The care and personalized service is of course available to become a haven of rest and warm their hearts. Great facility like this F1RCGP2010 Things greeted the opening of this opportunity to use your WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, thank you.

Seiki RC stadium here is owned by Seiki Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of the battery is only a test track in Japan. Atlantis will be sold by the company's lineup LiFe series of batteries or NiMH batteries and battery are repeated daily tests. Lot of effort on like this, high quality, reliable battery is made up, that battery can be used to secure the release of the user at any time I think.
The facility opened in 2008 from April, the anniversary of this year 2. During the two-story building has three aspects circuit, 1F and asphalt circuit, 2F is a circuit of two aspects of the carpet surface.
Will stage the opening game and, 1F Onrodosakitto asphalt. Lap 160m, 25m have the back straight, and flat-grained surface Asphalt. If grip is relatively high. Like every 12-month course layout changes are made, and the previous layout was very different. After changing the layout were placed throughout the complex technical corners as usual, has run more profound content.
Number of participants, F-1 Class: 25, F-1 Grand Prix classes: 11 teams 18 people, a total of 43 people. Grand Prix class, new members from this season More and more teams are expected to further antagonize the level thing. Test how the off-season last year, 12 may be made from the moon in less time, leading to another car from this season Will likely be an important point. Regulation has changed dramatically this year, relatively. Grand Prix class is approved 17.5T brushless motors, brush motors 30T and will. Battery, or 5 cell NiCd or NiMH battery is the choice of two LiFe cells. Pre-test, each Chimuburashiresu + 17.5T Motor LiFe is like the choice of a good result. F-1 class who have been deployed in the race still fun and relaxed atmosphere. Motor is given this year Mabuchi 540 motor and say things, you can enjoy the race easily in power for everybody. In terms of regulation, will be introduced this season as test battery LiPo has been approved. But here at RC Sutajiamuseiki are no regulations in place allowed the use of LiPo. Everyone was using a 6-cell NiMH battery. To ease the regulatory approval of the LiPo battery is a courtesy to participate in the Equipment No easy entry for many users currently on hand. 2011 From the safety first, all LiFe will recommend going evolution of regulation.
Entire hall full of vitality, F-1 can be expected this year and being a great season like last season. The operation also not forget the basics for participants Race low threshold, and I want to go I try to run a polite race.

Practice Day
Sun practice the day before, the class was a rush Grand Prix car. Previous year's drivers world championship team, ALEX RACING Winners and, ALEX RACING Does, Fusion Racing Konbajonmashin sail fast in an alarming pace. Addition, Team Tech F-1 well, the machine incorporates many new parts, the increase in the last year Textures are getting updated. And what is noteworthy to say that the war will be brought to own machine, i-hobby Racing Team of IH-R06. 4 suspension Germany, bevel drive was full of very unique mechanism. Also very mature, and showed me how to run in any race, where hope. And this year the F104 chassis-based switching ZEN, wrapped in layers a stable running Hashimoto players. ZEN course option parts The built-in, which is what I like utilizing the characteristics of the battery set upright. Meanwhile, the group of privateers is Kawazome TEAM CREAMY players, Works are boiled down to the players set Chi Kaubeku Kawanishi. Others, in the opening game this team has gathered the most in history of Grand Prix classes Levels are situations that are very antagonistic. A first condition so the first thing remains the main points to your heart's content to the Presents ability to demonstrate, I hope luck Is.
F-1 class, the difference between the Grand Prix class and a variety of relaxation mode is thought that attracts many players. Without regard to time, the running time at all Enjoy the battle and decided to start at the same time, we had several players. Restraint, F-1 ran anyway, looking forward with delight to everyone, even the race We were looking like the style has been said many users enjoy. Material from the RC hobby is necessarily match those of each person to find pleasure, The must Shimanakere. In this Purakutisutaimu, F-1 was a very impressive player throughout the smiles of the class. Soon the track layout has changed from last Some sense of the machine is not completely set yet filled out the 2009 race Sutajiamuseiki RC, F-1 class winner, the car is very good player movement Sawamoto The show, which is like to lead the other cars.
The direction of the set of machines, and gradually we go rushing to the point where you fit in the road surface changed to go from understeer to oversteer I like the. Basically, a set of valid pre lose the front, the front springs or strictly, many players had to wear Torerunakkuru. The next step is to secure Riagurippu, aluminum or the Riamotamaunto, T is the theory of soft material to replace the bar. But, I will compete in a limited power, too much and feel too heavy Riagurippu up, and eventually tend to be painful and time up. Because the liver is to find the best balance of direct drive, and try to set up and exchange opinions with everyone enjoying the surprisingly smooth Are considered in finding the best set. Production tomorrow is race. At any rate, enjoy the race.

Day tournament
Can now be accepted from the morning practice and the day after. And treatment of athletes participate from afar, a little long in the players the opportunity to drive the RC You want with the intention of the organizers. Day tournament also blessed with a sunny winter temperatures and humidity both now tend to fall. Indoor Circuit Under the comfortable environment, all出Shi切Ri the ability to expect a great race. Doraibasumitingu is declared in the opening, F1RCGP2010 season Turned off the start. Been made following detailed description of the racing regulations will be adopted this new Grand Prix class, before running the battery voltage LiFe Check was also mentioned. Too high voltage LiPo and LiFe color segmentation and not on our side for that will be fair to judge. The description is made in advance and driving manners, a gentleman's sports advocates, F-1 to RC for the brand's image, the racing manners of style I appreciate your cooperation to you.
※ On the day Nara Shimbun, RC kindly to reporters rushed to the magazine. For athletes participating in and say things to get on a magazine article, things will Ru motivated than usual.

First qualifying round
F-1 class first qualifying round, first in the first heat 16L4'04 .300, second best 14 players this year and kicked off 710 Okura top goal. The goal of all this time Time. The heat is followed by 14 seconds 080 Sugiyama best players, the total provisional top 16L4'01 .950. Heat to go with young players, all more and more heat than the time Increases. The highlight was driving the Renault of three heats of color Sawamoto players, the winner of the previous year Shi run stable, 17L4'05 .890 in 900 Best 13 seconds, the fastest time in this round Mark the provisional pole position. Close to the top three place, 2nd place: players place IKENISHI 17L4'07 .860,3 footwork Color: Olympic Tomita Papurufaiyapatan 17L4'09 .760 Out the best each one lasts 13 seconds. The backward, A fierce battle as soon as the main. 11th: Olympic 16L4'04 .090 from the west, 15th: Olympic village to five players to four units per minute 4 seconds 犇Meki goes.
F-1 victories in the qualifying heat goals in quick succession in the top class Grand Prix, the team's last world champion driver, ALEX RACING Winners are. Yokoi was the first player to mark the 18th anniversary ride, 18L4'12 .890 out of the 430 best 13 seconds, the heat is followed by world champion driver F1RCGP2009 Kambayashi 18L4'04 .270 is the best player 13 seconds 010, Marked as early provisional pole time. As early as 18 and come into the first half of the lap will twist things and everyone was. Sharp entered the red line on a white background ALEX year's color is like if they lend an aura of sorts. Has showed the guts, Team Tech F-1 players Tamura. F125 Yellow color this year, the battery Come to switch to horizontal, and according to this course. 18L4'09 .290 provisional second best 13 seconds 510. Dress ALEX RACING Winners break into the stronghold. The three fastest F104 + ZEN Hashimoto ZEN players ride a conversion. 13 seconds 440 Best 18L4'09 .350. Fourth followed by: ALEX RACING players Kito, fifth: ALEX RACING Winners players Yokoi, sixth: Team Tech F-1 Anthill 18 players have started to be deployed from the beginning of a very high level to mark the anniversary.

Second qualifying round
Second qualifying round, F-1 plays a working class young drivers great. The top of all heat, beating the Sawamoto players were painted in bright purple Reversal of the top players in the emerging interim Faiyapatan Tomita. Best 13 seconds 17L4'00 .220 in 730, there are 18 laps into the momentum. The only difference fell short of the number of mistakes, Renault Sawamoto players, 17L4'00 .370 in the second best 13 seconds 840. Color IKENISHI players footwork third, fourth Kubo Naka players. Far from the top, only 2.3 seconds behind. Heat just until 11 players who finished the west, this eighth round. In the interim there is the top 10 amazing plays round.
F-1 Grand Prix class, second qualifying round. ALEX RACING Winners again sail fast with a time of great players Kambayashi. Put in 19 laps total, 19L4'09 .660 mark. Best round was the only one 12 seconds, 12 seconds 900! Fusion F103 in excellent conversion and compatibility with driving there is a sense that another car further ahead. Second place Tamura Team Tech F-1 players. While speed is slightly slow-growing problem, as the first candidate Rae preceded Kambayashi tracked players. 18L4'06 .210, a difference is the spread time Also show, raising the chance to keep the position. ALEX RACING Winners third best player 13 seconds 330 Yokoi 18L4'07 .470. Canada set for each team owner for the team Mountain Gather well, 2nd to the top was the leading driver. Fourth sound of the early mistakes, ZEN players Hashimoto 18L4'08 .580 and so on. I-hobby Racing Team was the players attention willow, No. 17 player this chamber, 18-place finish and ending suffering. We hope to catch-up in place of the last round.

Third qualifying round
Last of the third qualifying round. Practice time in between is a little付Kerubeku the difference between the rivals, are working towards a pattern hard to get a set for each player. This results, Keep an eye on what you like the results appear in the final qualifying session.
F-1 class, the young to the Miami Heat forward player Yamaji, update the original personal best players. 17 in time to confirm the single-lap A main. And the final heat. Noteworthy The four players fighting pole. Tomita, Sawamoto, IKENISHI, Kubo Naka each player. Tomita interim fastest players in the final heat at the pinch-stop less than one minute. Electrical systems Was trouble. Sawamoto players did drive in a Renault was very easy to deploy here, unexpectedly unable to raise the pace, second and third Kubo Naka put in place, push the other players IKENISHI Is a slight expansion. The goal determines the top players barely Sawamoto, 17L4'00 .470 Su spanned a personal best by 0.1 seconds. Tomita has confirmed the pole position for the players. Second: Players Sawamoto, 3rd place: players IKENISHI, fourth: Olympic Kubo Naka, fifth: Ozaki player to drive in a Toyota earlier round and flat. 10 Ri Nda a wonderful place, from 12 grid, The best player 14 seconds 380 Takaoka 17L4'11 .270. Where A is now up to the main border.
F-1 Grand Prix class, fast and stable until the end of the ALEX RACING Winners top players play goal Kambayashi, won the pole position. In total and 19L4'10 .870 Although beyond the personal best 1.21 seconds, 12 seconds 810 best lap, achieved new records. Emerged two of the fastest, ZEN players Hashimoto. The best bests 18L4'04 .630 Ataru 280 to mark the 13 seconds, Team Tech F-1交Washimashita Tamura players slightly. 3rd: Team Tech F-1 players Tamura, fourth place, Also Tech F125 Kawano, players ride a BIG +3 Racing Emerged. 7 showed the best self-shrinking wildly seconds. The back is the fastest 10 players entered Kuroda, PAPER MOON, 17L4'00 .620 Memashita possible points in the frame. The regretted the 11th player FANS ARC Morita. Tamiya F104 is one the first round only to surpass the team showed a regular in-running is a shame. Also own machine Brought i-hobby Racing Team, F104 players switched to PRO2.stn B Hotta unfortunately also became the main. Let's hope the next race.

■ ■ qualifying
F-1 class
1位 冨田 洸平 2R17L4'00.220
2位 澤本 貴弘 2R17L4'00.370
3位 池西 威彦 2R17L4'01.000
4位 中久保 昌弘 3R17L4'01.130
5位 尾崎 二郎 2R17L4'06.710
6位 山路 貴久 3R17L4'08.460
7位 杉山 旬央 3R17L4'08.510
8位 原 伸夫  3R17L4'09.740
9位 西口 竜二 2R17L4'10.290
10位 高岡 一仁 3R17L4'11.270
11位 阿部 裕之 2R17L4'12.050
12位 橋本 知尚 3R17L4'12.360
13位 宇野 聖史 2R17L4'13.810
14位 村中 祐介 3R16L4'00.760
15位 伊藤 惠介 1R16L4'01.530
16位 森林 芳史 3R16L4'02.030
17位 石田 晃敏 3R16L4'03.860
18位 服部 幸一 3R16L4'03.950
19位 大倉 義正 2R16L4'04.220
20位 井上 哲也 2R16L4'08.020
21位 伊吹 広之 2R16L4'08.180
22位 長崎 一久 3R16L4'11.910
23位 磯部 靖哲 3R15L4'06.460
24位 東出 正次 3R14L4'01.410
25位 メルツ フレドリック 2R12L4'08.500
Class F-1 Grand Prix
1位 上林 博 (ALW) 2R19L4'09.660
2位 橋本 努 (ZEN) 3R18L4'04.630
3位 田村 秀樹(TTF) 3R18L4'04.710
4位 川野 貴義(BI3) 3R18L4'05.280
5位 横井 章弘(ALW) 3R18L4'05.380
6位 川染 昭吾(CRE) 3R18L4'08.960
7位 鬼頭 正治(ALE) 3R18L4'10.160
8位 荒川 努 (PAM) 2R18L4'10.440
9位 蟻塚 伸也(TTF) 2R18L4'12.770
10位 黒田 尚希(PAM) 2R17L4'00.620
11位 森田 彰 (FAA) 1R17L4'02.750
12位 日比野 達也(PRC) 3R17L4'03.050
13位 中津 貴久生(BI3) 2R17L4'05.680
14位 川西 紀明(CRE) 2R17L4'10.510
15位 堀田 幹雄(PR2) 1R17L4'12.760
16位 杉浦 康之(ALE) 2R16L4'00.630
17位 柳 政弘 (IHO) 2R15L4'06.490
18位 本房 健 (IHO) 2R14L4'07.120
For final
For the final, it is slowly rising tension. F-1 class, almost no time difference, can not prejudge the situation until the end. F-1 Grand Prix class, ALEX RACING Winners who will sail fast to stop you. Currently Hashimoto ZEN player, Team Tech F-1 and a candidate player Tamura I like the. BIG +3 Racing put four players in the fastest Kawano Tech F125 has been equipped Roringudanpa. Like any other car Is there a difference is expected to run to the final place. After the interview before the annual GP, the starting grid for each player. Determined to win the blessing Winners for the interview and wait for a signal to quiet.

F-1 Class C final main
Main F-1 Class C final. One player is turned off to a good start in the green color of the grid Ibuki, and into the infield Ibuki players to pass for white two-tone orange and Nagasaki players, stand on top. Then, from depressed or anxious pace of Nagasaki player from behind McLaren is the fastest player Isobe three approaches. Around the last corner, place the two-contact fighting. Isobe two leading players in one step to the grid. However, a painful mistake in the infield Away and the green color Ibuki players re-emerged once again to third. Players place one of the white two-tone orange Nagasaki unchanged. Second: the difference between the players and Ibuki The middle shrinks, pulling away again the second half, just glad I decided to finish top.
F-1 Class B main finals
F-1 Class B main finals. Abe machine players were painted in red white and blue pole-sitter, the beginning of a slight bit of wheel spin. Hit a gap, the two grid Hashimoto players stand on top. After a few times and then side by side battle for second place: players Abe, 3rd place: by the athletes village. To be in the middle, second: Abe Uno Ikakarimasu players behind the players. This battle for third place, a very long time before reaching the end, keep two players Abe place finish. Top goal, Hashimoto decided outstanding players are quick and stable throughout.
F-1 Grand Prix Class B main finals
F-1 Grand Prix Class B main finals. Paul decided to shot, FANS ARC Morita players, followed by two players place finish Prochemi Hibino, third fastest player TEAM CREAMY Kawanishi, BIG +3 Racing Nakatsu fourth player, fifth player PRO2.stn by Hotta. The dead in the crash Prochemi infield players bowl Hibino us to retreat. On behalf of two grid Kawanishi TEAM CREAMY players are emerging. Morita's top players are red, blue, and was painted in white color FANS ARC. Steadily up the pace, a group of lapped Mikomimasu the rear. Rush back in the early stages of equipment green players Prochemi Hibino color, hung in the second half gradually Catching up with the top group, TEAM CREAMY players Kawanishi, BIG +3 Racing Nakatsu players, etc. Path. Second place. And I just had to sail fast Morita FANS ARC players for the second half of the battery down, slow down significantly. Whereabouts of the top fighting game of the final lap. However, canon to the top players Prochemi Hibino rainy day in last-lap crash two corners! FANS ARC goal top defensive players Morita turned off.
■ ■ Final Standings
F-1 Class C Main
1位 長崎 一久 31L8'11.360
2位 伊吹 広之 30L8'01.300
3位 磯部 靖哲 30L8'14.530
4位 東出 正次 26L8'08.830
5位 メルツ フレドリック 21L8'00.060
F-1 Class B main
1位 橋本 知尚 33L8'06.790
2位 阿部 裕之 33L8'12.440
3位 宇野 聖史 32L8'05.610
4位 村中 祐介 32L8'05.920
5位 服部 幸一 32L8'08.890
6位 伊藤 惠介 32L8'13.340
7位 石田 晃敏 31L8'03.980
8位 井上 哲也 23L6'04.990
9位 大倉 義正 8L2'06.690
10位 森林 芳史 2L0'39.350
F-1 Grand Prix Class B main
1位 森田 彰 (FAA) 34L8'10.110
2位 日比野 達也(PRC) 34L8'14.820
3位 中津 貴久生(BI3) 33L8'00.150
4位 川西 紀明(CRE) 33L8'04.240
5位 杉浦 康之(ALE) 32L8'13.770
6位 柳 政弘 (IHO) 27L8'09.880
7位 本房 健 (IHO) 22L8'17.840
8位 堀田 幹雄(PR2) 6L1'35.500

F-1 Class A-Main
F-1 Class A-Main race. Paul decided to shot, Tomita players decided to start full of youthful dash. Tomita was the last player Besutorukkinguka Some things about winning an award, and has a reputation for body paint. Faiyapatan participated in this. Sawamoto two players place a little apart from three grid Color IKENISHI players back by the start of the crash footwork. On behalf of third place players has emerged Toyota Ozaki, fourth is white, was painted in a beautiful red machine Tech Followed by driving a raw player. ,1-2 position soon ,3-4 approach each major battle for third place. Then Renault Sawamoto players were players and fill the gap steady Tomita, two corners Painful spin. Kubo Naka four players at once after running the fastest up to 5 dive weekend. Tomita player development and we'd become very comfortable, keep my pace until the end of the top Driving and switched to stable patterns. Meanwhile, its competition is still fierce. Ozaki Toyota, Hara, Kubo Naka, each player plays a squeaker Sawamoto. And in the end of the straight Kubo Naka players contact the original players. Ozaki two players jump up to second place. Sawamoto players emerged third. Renault Sawamoto players, furious push the atom players without any hesitation Toyota Ozaki. Contact between the two cars, Kubo Naka two players jump up to second place. However, the marks left behind two cars at close range. Three-way struggle is big crash in the infield players Kubo Naka Sake, and Ozaki, Sawamoto two players in one battle. Renault and Toyota's quarrel or deep in a Toyota pick the last player Sawamoto, Ri Masu alone at No. 2 at the end of contact. Then Rank no higher stress fluctuations. The winning car Se Kenakatta other adult driving the entire time, the players decided Tomita. It is nice win! Sawamoto Renault was second player, Third is to push the mercy of Renault, Toyota Ozaki players pace a little untidy second half, fourth, with a whopping 10-good start from second Takaoka players joined the fluorescent yellow color.

F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main
Class F-1 Grand Prix final A-Main. Crash is a great start for all models no start, one lap top players through Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners. Place almost two following Order starting grid, ZEN players Hashimoto, Team Tech F-1 followed by players and Tamura. F-1 Grand Prix Kurasurashii early on, the lights were rising less contact the better. Reach the middle of the time, the two players run to place ZEN Hashimoto I leap out at two corners. The chance that the two will become the market leader of Team Tech F-1 players Tamura. Beteranrashii Kambayashi top players ran apace steadily. However, players Kambayashi steadily increased the pace, while taking advantage of the sharp top speed, sail fast in the final 12 seconds with a time into units. In average Phenomenal pace of say 13 seconds early. The other two units ALEX of stress, EMPRESS the road well and the system is ready for a rock-solid team. Place run two players Tamura Team Tech F-1, 2 to keep place I switched tactics, slowing down slightly. Run the place from the back three players Kawazome Team CREAMY gradually come closer to the people. Then the two corners of regret Team Tech F-1 stack Tamura players. In this race two was in its northeast corner, has been hit by the crash and the stack players many. After two close race for second place battle became increasingly large, dyeing the river, Tamura, Kawano Re order of players goes. In the end, victory, showed the players ALEX RACING Winners Uebayashi speed throughout, the second place, the most closely contested until the final corner on lap two of its competition with Seiji, Team CREAMY Kawazome players, third place is a shame to miss the second half, Team Tech F-1 entered Tamura players. Rush in the opening game of the new car, and showed amazing speed of ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi Fusion player conversion. Indeed, Brown GP in an atmosphere like tomorrow. However, this season still leaves the game 9. To hurry the development of the car where the other team ALEX or catch up with the stress, I have a very impressive future.

Awards podium champagne
The annual award is F1RCGP podium. F-1 class, F-1 Grand Prix class top-class three awards each. F-1 class Tomita of winning players, the speed with Rimashita stability. In addition, F-1 Grand Prix class winner Alex Racing Kambayashi players is a great car to overwhelm the other Everyone will be running things memorable. What to do with this momentum from the opening winning streak, is a place I hope to record later. Top three in each class who are taking pictures of our anniversary, let us excite the whole venue with champagne at the end. The champagne, the players Tomita Water in a bucket hanging from the head end, with the blessing of victory was rough. The runners-you, congratulations. During the cold is still Continues. Shimasen and cold like us!
■ ■ Final Standings
F-1 Class A-Main
1位 冨田 洸平 34L8'06.080
2位 澤本 貴弘 33L8'03.290
3位 尾崎 二郎 33L8'07.690
4位 高岡 一仁 32L8'05.330
5位 原 伸夫  32L8'10.290
6位 杉山 旬央 32L8'12.630
7位 西口 竜二 32L8'14.720
8位 山路 貴久 31L8'04.600
9位 中久保 昌弘 14L3'36.570
10位 池西 威彦 8L1'56.760
F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main
1位 上林 博 (ALW) 37L8'16.770
2位 川染 昭吾(CRE) 35L8'09.320
3位 田村 秀樹(TTF) 35L8'09.400
4位 川野 貴義(BI3) 35L8'10.280
5位 橋本 努 (ZEN) 35L8'18.390
6位 横井 章弘(ALW) 34L8'03.360
7位 蟻塚 伸也(TTF) 34L8'08.410
8位 黒田 尚希(PAM) 34L8'08.760
9位 鬼頭 正治(ALE) 34L8'10.960
10位 荒川 努 (PAM) 33L8'16.300
Award Besutorukkinguka
Besutorukkinguka award, McLaren's players decided to MP4/5B Itou Megumi intervention. Now is not selling quite rare in the body, giving unsparingly painted a vivid Marlboro, gave participating in the tournament. If you paste a sticker on the beautiful, the view was that the F-1 I imagine lurks. Time he did not even drive, all very well, We were impressed with each color level is rising.

Awards draw overall
Finally everyone gathered in the course the players participate, the entire ceremony was held. Awards to all the cards and was awarded a prize for participation with decals. As a light snack and soft drinks are available during the chat, was dealt to the players and sponsors many products from the sponsors again. If you're looking for things that are elected, and how it was not, what might have been all excited. After the lottery, said Kurimoto, circuit owners, Convention Chairman Greetings and more, this event has now ended successfully.

Camera data F1RCGP major tournament
Data will F1RCGP tournament. Machine, Propo, amplifiers, batteries, F-1 and Guranpurikurasumota share, participation of all players Prefecture, age, The ratio of men and women. Who will be attending the next, and you are away, please make yourself helpful. F1RCGP2010 Round2 is next scheduled to be held on February 7, 2007 (Sun) Yatabe Arena Tournament Ibaraki (Tsukuba City) is. We look forward to your participation everyone.
The player everyone participating in this tournament, capped rent a circuit like circuit Kurimoto, owner and chairman of each run capped help operations Everyone, and everyone circuit staff, and everyone supports manufacturer of products for your cooperation capped sponsors, Thanks so much.This tournament is held safely opener, things could be terminated.
Also, magazines, newspapers Hello everyone's, Thanks so much for Haruka interview.
Translation from: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/Racereport2010/rr2010r1.html
by google translator
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