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I have dealt with RC-Mart for the best part of 3 years, according to their system I have amassed over 80 orders with a total US Value of $4772.31
I have had constant email “fights” with RC-Mart over what has become an increasingly common occurance of slow processing and shipping times. Most online stores quote a 1-3 day processing time, in 99% of cases it’s 1 day but if you order an item on a Friday night, you can’t expect it to go out to Monday, or sometimes there are holidays etc. Rc Mart however has seen fit to use this as a general excuse for their inefficiency.

A direct reply from an rcmart post is:
For Shipping Methods & Time:
In order to provide a better parcel quantity, we need about 1-3 days to prepare your parcel, and the details of the shipping time are in the following:

Order Porcessing : 1-3 days
Registered AirMail : 7-10 days tracking no. (Can't trace on-line)
SpeedPost/EMS : 3-5 days with online tracking no.
It is of note that should you file a paypal claim RC-Mart will use this registered airmail # as a legitimate tracking number, which is rather a contradiction given they claim it can’t be traced online.

Out of my 85 orders, only 4 shipped within 1 day.

The last 8 have all been over 3 days to process.

It has taken up to 10 days. 10 Days to FIND a letter box to post your item.

That's not transit time, that's over and above "store" processing time!

I have bought online for the past 4 years, I have shopped at the following online stores:

With a total of 500 transactions.

I can tell you, from my dealings that rcmart is BY FAR the slowest to process an order and the worst for customer service in my experience.

But there’s more! HIDDEN FEES!!

Rc Mart is also the only online store that I am aware of that imposes a “hidden” bank fee, ie that is a fee added to your invoice at the end of checkout, after you have gone through the payment options, shipping options and the like. You are not told of this fee up front.

Rc-Mart claim it is the following:

About the bank charge, that is not charged by us, that is charge by the paypal.

For details of the bank charge are in the following:

Send payment to [email protected]. Just click the icon at right & go!
Customer needs to pay 3% service charge for paypal.
But hang on, other businesses have to pay Paypal too, they don’t add a 3% charge, EBay expressly forbids sellers from passing this charge on.

And if I look at my last invoice….

1 MUCH MORE (#SWA-MH) Sweep Mold Tire Inserts Type A -- Medium Har USD$5.00
1 Tamiya (#51367) DF-03Ra E Parts (Suspension Arm) USD$5.00
1 Tamiya (#53922) 05 Module Pinion Gear (23T,25T) USD$7.50

Sub-Total: USD$17.50
AIR (7 to 16 days)>>HK To AU 1 x 126.5 Shipping: USD$4.84
Non-Refundable Bank Charge: USD$1.17
Total: USD$23.51
Note the charge of $1.17

Now my order total is $17.50 + $4.84 = $22.34

If it was 3% like RCMART have claimed, the bank charge would be 67 cents

$1.17 is indeed 5%!
RC-Mart is blatently profiteering.

So if I consider the total value of all my purchases over the past 3 years:
That comes to $4772.31 USD dating back to 11th April 2005, of that the total before fees is $4533.40

RC-Mart have charged $226.67 in "bank fees" (at 5%) which should have been at 3% or $136 (at 3%).

That’s over $100 skimmed off the top. Or if I consider the total value of fees which I shouldn’t have had to pay anyway, over $225!

Now you may ask, that’s all well and good, why alert people, why not take it up with Rc-Mart?

Believe me I have tried, I have spent over 2 hours on hold, sent countless emails, and when I do get a reply it’s the same, rehearsed dribble as such:
We've read your complaint and deeply regreted that you have such bad feeling towards us, rcMart. We cherish every customer, including you. We would be glad that you can write to us (email address: [email protected]) one or some recent cases of yours and let us investigate so that we know where is/are the problem(s) for improvement and if there is something obviously wrong, we shall not hesitate for any apology or remedy due to our fault.

rcMart has been in the market for some years, though not long enough, but we always work hard to build up ourselves to be one of internationally leading online companies and serve our customers with top quality products and services. Although we cannot say that we have served all customers perfectly, we have successfully built up good relationship with most of our customers and well-estabished customer's royalty to some extent. Of course, we do have room to do better and better. And we promise to do so. We welcome to receive complaint from any customer and would seriously handle it. Please concretely write to our customer service centre at [email protected].
Every day we had to process a number of the orders. In order to keep our service quantity, we need about 1-3 days to prepare your parcel. For a systematic company, we need to manage something before we ship the order, just like pick the parcel, management the stock, prepare the document for shipping etc. Those processes purposed for providing a safety and high quality parcel to the client, wish you understanding about that.

About your comment, we are pleased to follow up your opinion, we will pay more attention about this case and wish we can provide more better service on the future.

On the other hand, some of the time the phone will be held if the line is busy, welcome to call back later in the office hour. About the problem of the e-mail, we can’t find out your past e-mail record (beside your last e-mail), but you said that you had send lots of e-mail for us, will there have something wrong when you prepare your e-mail? Aay you check more details about the e-mail you had sent before.
It all sounds like a rather well rehearsed script doesn’t it?

I appreciate there are some people who will back rcmart to the core, but in the experience of this hobbyist, with over 500 online purchases, 80 of which through rcmart, I would advise people to be aware of the above experiences. For me, they have turned what should be a fun hobby into an ordeal of sloppy customer service, hidden fees and poor excuses.
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shop elsewhere, your not obliged to shop there. If you have only just realied that you pay a 'handling fee' thats not their fault in the end.

Whereas I don't think they are the 'fastest' shippers out there, I don't think they are the slowest. If I want something fast, I pay EMS.... and it is usualy with me within a week, start to finish/
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I symphatize with NEXXUS, I also had a bad first time shopping experience with them.

Future buyers from their company should be aware too.
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ive had good and mediocre shipping experiences.

good ones shipped as expected, items as expected.

mediocre ones have been long processing days. there are good days and bad. id rather my shipment take a day more to make sure shit is right before its sent.

processing times havent been more than towerhobbies for me.

i wish ems prices were cheaper though
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Default RC Mart Shipping

From the other side of the coin - I've had two orders with RC Mart so far. Their shipping was quoted at 1-3 days and both orders went out in a day or two.

They also stated 7 to 10 days to received the package and to my surprise, I received both packages in less than a week.

As for the small fee, I don't understand it but their prices are very reasonable and as the other person mentioned, it's a purchase by choice.

I'm sorry that you others have had bad experiences but so far they are batting a 1,000 for me.
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consider this:


"Although we cannot say that we have served all customers perfectly, we have successfully built up good relationship with most of our customers and well-estabished customer's royalty to some extent."

here i was expecting loyalty and they switched it up for royalty.
oldest trick in the book. so all you need is to get yourself knighted, and you're gtg!

j/k - sorry bud for having a little fun at your expense - i do feel for ya

fwiw amain has had everything out the door and tracked the following day on my stuff. best part: fluent in english.
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I don't see RC Mushroom in your list? Have you dealt with them before? I placed an order early Monday morning, received an email less than 12 hrs later saying it had been shipped, turned up Wednesday, 2 days from Hong Kong to Brisbane, you can't beat that!!

Have ordered from RC Mart and was surprised with their final checkout bank fees, a little bizarre if you ask me!
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